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Building, Zoning and RAID

Here are some things that could help us with zoning Jerome Park Reservoir Environmental Impact Statement JPR off site EIS chapter: here is the file unlocked:  8-02jeromepark_unlocked dseiscomments_unlocked JPR Zoning – old documents vcvproposed_zoning VCP Zoning Approved Van Cortlandt Zoning – links work here calendar 040516 map1d Sites in the neighborhood in 2007 Sites […]

In the NYTimes: City not allowing homeless in center …. hmmm

Note: KHCC is one block south of Fort Independence Street on Kingsbridge Terrace. February 5, 2010 City to Bronx Community About a Homeless Shelter: ‘Not in Your Backyard’ By SAM DOLNICK In the perpetual battle against homelessness in New York, the Kingsbridge Heights Community Center in the Bronx was only a bit player, with about […]

What is an effective Public Participation Process?

A public participation process can only be effective if it involves the entire community each step of the way — by calling meetings, setting agendas, asking questions and requesting information in a transparent and inclusive manner.

Think Tank: Board of Visitors

A Proposal for Discussion: the Board of Visitors   In order to assure that something as disruptive as this strike does not happen again, we are proposing a way to monitor what is going on inside the walls of the Kingsbridge Heights Rehabilitative and Care Center; we are proposing new Legislation. We found that the […]

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