Strike 2008

Helen is just a bad memory now...

Helen is just a bad memory now…

Well it is now final, Helen is just a bad memory now! Tonight a towing company finally came a took her car away which has sat parked in the nursing home parking lot since before the strike began. It has been almost a year that the strike has been over and still the car sat […]

Strike Update Day 184 – (8/21/2008)

Day 184 – Since the striking members were still on strike after midnight I will consider this day 184.   Around 4:30am, The new administrator, Bruce Zarret, whom I officially have not met yet arrived at Kingsbridge, we all were hoping this was a good sign that things were going to go smoothly. With the […]

10:00am Update

10:00am – The workers have been let into the building at this time. Helen arrived around 7am and the workers were slowly let in starting around 7:30am. They were allowed to enter in small groups. It seems like the new administrator has his hands full, I hope that Helen has prepared him for all of […]

Breaking News: Doors locked for return

In the early hours of Thursday morning, 5:00am to be exact. The striking members that are ready to return to work have been locked out by the administration of Kingsbridge Heights. The next shift at 5:30am tried unsuccessfully to report to work as they were locked out as well. Every shift that arrives will try […]

Strike Update Day 183 - (8/20/2008)

Strike Update Day 183 – (8/20/2008)

Day 183 – Wow, day 183… Can you believe it has been six months since this strike began. The members have braved the snow, the cold, the rain and the heat all because they believed they were right. Well they believed correctly, THEY WERE RIGHT! All along the way, we (FIPNA) stood with the 1199 […]

Breaking News: Second appeal thrown out!

The second appeal to stay the injunction that was made to the second supreme court has been thrown out, according to a senior union representative. This means that as of tomorrow morning all Kingsbridge 1199 union members will be reporting for work.   Union officials are ready to enter the facility with the workers to […]

Strike Update Day 182 – (8/19/2008)

Day 182 – I am sure you are all waiting to see what is going on. The latest news is that the striking members are preparing to return to work on Thursday as the injunction had ruled. However Helen has decided to appeal the injunction (surprise-surprise) to the presiding judge, the judge immediately threw out […]

Strike Update Day 177 - (8/14/2008)

Strike Update Day 177 – (8/14/2008)

Day 177 – Well by now I am sure you have heard that the union was granted the 10(j) injunction they had requested. This is finally some good news for the striking members. What this means is that Helen had 5 business days to take the striking members back in and return them to their […]

Breaking News: 10(J) Injunction has been GRANTED!

We received the official notice today that the 10(J) Injunction has been granted. You can read the full text here: Order Granting Injunctive Relief (Adobe Acrobat Required)   While this is finally the road to victory that 1199SEIU has been waiting for, it is not final as there could be an appeal from the Kingsbridge […]

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