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Strike Update Day 177 - (8/14/2008)

Strike Update Day 177 – (8/14/2008)

Day 177 – Well by now I am sure you have heard that the union was granted the 10(j) injunction they had requested. This is finally some good news for the striking members. What this means is that Helen had 5 business days to take the striking members back in and return them to their […]

Breaking News: 10(J) Injunction has been GRANTED!

We received the official notice today that the 10(J) Injunction has been granted. You can read the full text here: Order Granting Injunctive Relief (Adobe Acrobat Required)   While this is finally the road to victory that 1199SEIU has been waiting for, it is not final as there could be an appeal from the Kingsbridge […]

Strike Update Day 175 - (8/12/2008)

Strike Update Day 175 – (8/12/2008)

Day 175 – Well today was the day the union members have been waiting for, the NLRB hearing took place in Manhattan today and we are all waiting for the outcome. It appears that an injunction will be issued within the next couple of days to allow the striking members to return to work. There […]

Strike Update Day 174 - (8/11/2008)

Strike Update Day 174 – (8/11/2008)

Day 174 – This post is a wrap up from all of last weeks happenings. There has been so much press about Helen Sieger getting arrested:   Nursing home boss hit with charge – Daily News Kingsbridge Heights nursing home owner arrested – Riverdale Press ATTORNEY GENERAL CUOMO ANNOUNCES ARREST OF NURSING HOME CEO   […]

Strike Update Day 170 – (8/7/2008)

Day 170 – As you already know Helen Sieger has been arrested because she allegedly committed a felony by not providing workers’ compensation to her employees for over a year. You can see the official press release on the Attorney Generals’ website here: ATTORNEY GENERAL CUOMO ANNOUNCES ARREST OF NURSING HOME CEO   I must […]

Breaking News: Helen Sieger has been arrested!

It has been announced today that Helen Sieger CEO of Kingsbridge Heights Rehabilitation and Care Center has been arrested by Attorney General Andrew Cuomo for failing to cover hundreds of employees with workers’ compensation. Here is the press release for your reading pleasure:   ATTORNEY GENERAL CUOMO ANNOUNCES ARREST OF NURSING HOME CEO FOR FAILING […]

Strike Update Day 168 – (8/5/2008)

Day 168 – So today was supposed to be the day that the NLRB case was heard before a judge about the illegal video taping along with the injunction to get the workers back to work. I just found out that it has been postponed once again to August 11, 2008. This postponement was due […]

Strike Update Day 167 – (8/4/2008)

Day 167 – The strike still carries on. We know that tomorrow is the NLRB hearing and could possibly be the end to this strike if the NLRB enforces the injunction that they have file for against the nursing home.   While this is all well and good, what about the eviction? Did Helen get […]

Strike Update Day 160 – (7/28/2008)

Day 160 – I have not been posting for a while because there has not been much to report, maybe it is because the long days of summer are upon us but there really hasn’t been much movement. We also have been fighting the blasting at the reservoir along with some other developer trying to […]

Breaking News: NLRB seeks injunction – 7/21/2008

An article appearing in Crain’s New York states:   The National Labor Relations Board will seek a temporary injunction in federal court next week against the Kingsbridge Heights Rehabilitation and Care Center that could bring an end to the strike, which has attracted the attention of local and national political figures, including Sen. Charles Schumer […]

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