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Time for Mr. Tenenbaum to Put 3344 Giles on the market!

Giles Place residents have long been concerned about the vacant house right at the intersection of Cannon Place. Staff at the Kingsbridge Heights Rehab Center (KHRCC) park their cars there, but the house sits empty. Today, Fort Independence Park Neighborhood Association wrote to the owners of the vacant house — CG Limited Partners, a corporation […]

A compactor on Cannon Place?

A compactor on Cannon Place?

At first I wasn’t sure what this big green hunk of metal was now sitting in the Nursing Home driveway. Could it be a dumpster? A water tank? What is it? After further investigation it turns out that it is a hydraulic compactor used to crush garbage. I was surprised to see something this monstrous […]

Helen ‘bought’ patients?

According to a story in the NY Post Helen Sieger allegedly paid a hospital social worker for patients; A Bronx nursing home allegedly paid a hospital social worker to steer elderly patients its way, The Post has learned. Ex-Kingsbridge Care Center CEO Helen Sieger gave New York Presbyterian’s Frank Rivera nearly $20,000, Attorney General Andrew […]

Helen Sieger accused of stealing $9 Million Dollars!

According to an article in the Daily News today a lawsuit filed in Bronx Supreme Court charges that Helen Sieger previous owner of the Kingsbridge Heights Rehabilitation & Care Center allegedly stole $9 million from the home for her personal use. Since the strike ended, the nursing home has gone into state receivership, and William […]

Giles Place house gets a spruce up!

Giles Place house gets a spruce up!

As promised, the KHRCC has replaced the missing glass on its Giles Place property! The house looks so much better. And neighbor Terry Stoeth planted impatiens outside for a bit of color. Neighborly cooperation between the nursing home and the community is a wonderful thing. As Phil points out, we all need to keep an […]

Meeting with K.H.R.C.C.

On July 15th, three FIPNA members met with Mr. Bruce Zarett, the Administrator of the Kingsbridge Heights Rehabilitation Care Center. As followers of the FIPNA blog know, the state has taken away Helen Sieger’s operating license, and is in the process of putting the nursing home in receivership, giving the current caretaker, clearer authority over the […]

Helen is just a bad memory now...

Helen is just a bad memory now…

Well it is now final, Helen is just a bad memory now! Tonight a towing company finally came a took her car away which has sat parked in the nursing home parking lot since before the strike began. It has been almost a year that the strike has been over and still the car sat […]

It’s Official: Goodbye Helen!

We have obtained a copy of the order that has removed Helen Sieger from Kingsbridge Heights Rehabilitation and Care Center. The main statement on the order “Without opposition petition granted! Order Signed.” It is amazing that the order was signed the morning of February 11, 2009 and by the afternoon of the same date Helen […]

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