FIPNA Historical Research

This should be a working file of things we collect. Let us know if you have items to upload and we will add. Send to fipna@fipna.org Landmarks Preservation – request_for_evaluation FIPNA 030804 Old photo¬† of Jerome Park Reservoir wall – Cousin and Aunt of Arax Hogroian Fort Independence Historic District Designation – Fort Independence Historic […]

Strike Update Day 108 - (6/6/2008)

Strike Update Day 108 – (6/6/2008)

Day 108 – Today (Friday) there was not much happening on the strike line, maybe they had too much fun yesterday! Maybe it is because all the organizers are back from their trip to PR. Whatever the case is, the line was still manned and the weather is really heating up.   Since not much […]

Strike Update Day 102 & 103 – (5/31/2008 – 6/1/2008)

Day 102 & 103 – Once again the weekend is here and even though the strike continues on unabated, there is not much to report from the strike line.   I would like to extend a big thank you to Captain D’Adamo for personally visiting me on Sunday to offer his apology for the incident […]

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