Nursing Home Complaint Flyer

You can download a flyer here with the information needed to make a complaint against a nursing home facility in New York. This is for family members or anyone who witnesses what they consider to be abuse, neglect, fraud, etc within a nursing home facility.   Nursing Home Complaint Flyer (PDF – Adobe Acrobat Reader […]

Update: Construction fence @ 3333 Giles Place

This is an update to the post I made on April 24, 2008. The owner of the property sent a crew to fix the hole in the fence that we had reported about in the last post. You can see what kind of job was done in the picture below, I will leave the comments […]

Construction fence @ 3333 Giles Place

It has been well over a month since I reported the hole in the construction fence at 3333 Giles Place, so I decided to call the Community Board and get an updated status and to see what is going on. I guess someone else beat me to it because Diane was already aware that the […]

Strike Update Day 43 – (4/2/2008)

Day 43 – Today was a normal quiet day on the picket line and I was worried I wouldn’t have anything to write about tonight. Of course we are still waiting to hear back from our old friend Larry Abrams since he decided to comment on one of our previous posts here, however we still […]

D.O.T. – Are you for real?

Because of the strike that is going on at the nursing home the police department have removed all the parking from the street for all of us. This is a very bad situation as parking is hard enough in the neighborhood. I spoke to the police department and was told that the parking was removed […]

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