Time for Mr. Tenenbaum to Put 3344 Giles on the market!

Giles Place residents have long been concerned about the vacant house right at the intersection of Cannon Place. Staff at the Kingsbridge Heights Rehab Center (KHRCC) park their cars there, but the house sits empty. Today, Fort Independence Park Neighborhood Association wrote to the owners of the vacant house — CG Limited Partners, a corporation […]

What’s with the dead tree?

I was getting a flat fixed at JA Flat Fix on Bailey Avenue just south of 238th St (fast and only $8!), and I got talking to the guys there about the trees on the block. (The people who work on that block obviously care about the trees — there’s one little shrub of a tree […]

What do you want repaired around our neighborhood?

See-Click-Fix is a new internet based tool for identifying local problems (and hopefully, getting them fixed!) Check it out at, and add your own complaints. FIPNA recommends also reporting them to 311.

Bugs around Jerome Reservoir again

Well they’re baaccckkkkk!     The bugs that is… Once again this year the annoying little bugs that scour this neighborhood are back. It seems like they are back earlier this year.   We have notified the Department of Environmental Protection about the current situation and hope that they will take the proper steps to […]

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