May 2015 NYT article on Croton filtration plant

In this article, the Times reminds us that the plant, as we predicted, ended up costing more than 3 times what the DEP said it would cost. The Times says of those of us who opposed it, “They saw themselves as being deprived of acres of parkland.” This seems an odd turn of phrase; it […]

Daffodil Planting Success!

Daffodil Planting Success!

Mary Forrester, Kristin Hart, Munira Alden, Taina and Izea Marrero, and Margaret Groarke planted 100 daffodil bulbs at the ! Bailey Place Triangle last weekend — and it only took us one hour! (Proving once again that many hands make light work). Look for the daffodils to come up in the spring! You can lend […]

Planting Daffodils on Sunday, October 19th!

Hello, everyone! Dart, Mary, Caleb and I had a great time cutting grass, picking garbage, planting and talking to neighbors on Monday, October 13 at the Bailey Place Triangle. Although you may not see them now, we planted about 30 lovely wildflowering plants which will grow to be large (most of them 3 feet by […]

3344 Giles Place for Sale!!

3344 Giles Place for Sale!!

In January, we called for Mr. Tenenbaum to put this large, beautiful, vacant brick house on the market. As my mother would say, great minds think alike, because Mr. Tenenbaum put it on the market while our letter was still in the mail to him. The house is listed with Trebach Realty. A  number of […]

Op-Ed: De Blasio’s housing plan is flawed

Kristin Hart wrote this opinion piece, which ran in the May 22nd issue of the Riverdale Press. What are your thoughts on the Mayor’s housing plan?

Time for Mr. Tenenbaum to Put 3344 Giles on the market!

Giles Place residents have long been concerned about the vacant house right at the intersection of Cannon Place. Staff at the Kingsbridge Heights Rehab Center (KHRCC) park their cars there, but the house sits empty. Today, Fort Independence Park Neighborhood Association wrote to the owners of the vacant house — CG Limited Partners, a corporation […]

Progress at Bailey Place Greenstreet

Progress at Bailey Place Greenstreet

Bob Drake, who’s been monitoring the construction closely, sent this recent photo of the project. You can see the new walkway on the left, and Bob reports that the trough runs all the way to the top.  

Immense diversity of plants in Van Cortlandt Park, Professor Finds

The latest Lehman College magazine includes an article on Professor Jack Henning’s research on plant life in Van Cortlandt Park — “Four Year Survey of Plants In Van Cortlandt”    

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