Want to know more about the City’s new zoning proposals?

The city is proposing some major changes to zoning requirements, and Community Board 8 is holding hearings on those changes this month. At this link, you can find out all the details about what the City is proposing. Thanks to ANHD for putting together the info. (Again, corrected link: http://www.anhd.org/?p=7225)

Community Board 8 will hold a hearing on the Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning amendment on Wednesday, October 14, at 7:30 p.m. at In-Tech Academy. Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning would require, where the City allows rezoning to happen, 20-30% of the apartments to be affordable (of course, what’s key is affordable TO WHOM — The MIZ proposal is focused on creating housing affordable to people earning $45,000 and up, and in some cases may give developers “credit” for building housing for folks at significantly higher incomes than that. For details, see the link) THIS PROPOSAL DOES NOT AFFECT EVERY DEVELOPMENT, BUT ONLY SITES THAT WILL BE REZONED.

The hearing on the ZQA, which would make changes to the allowable height and shape requirements, and would exempt some developers in some areas from parking requirements, will be on Wednesday, October 28, at 7:30 in a place to be announced later. THIS PROPOSAL IS MORE COMPLICATED, INVOLVES MANY CHaNGES IN WHAT CAN BE BUILT, and will affect many neighborhoods, without a change in zoning.

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