Identify Stormwater Runoff Problems

Dear Friends,

How does large rain storms impact your property? This weekend’s rains promise a great opportunity to focus on these impacts.

The survey is a series of questions to help you tell us what, where, when, etc. of runoff in the neighborhoods. We are exploring the impacts of storm water in our local communities: our basements, yards, and streets in order to quantify the need for Green Infrastructure and appropriate storm water best management practices.

The next step is to do a test run for the survey — but it will be more of a rehearsal as we will keep your data for the final report. The projected rainfall is just to juicy to neglect. If you would help us on this test run, we promise to share the report to the DEP.

Here is the link to do the survey online:​ ​

For those who are not online or prefer a hard copy to fill in, see the attached. Also, if you want to, pass the hard copy along to someone who is not online, but has flooding problems.

Thank you so much for your help. Please respond as soon as you can.

Karen Argenti

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