3344 Giles Place for Sale!!

In January, we called for Mr. Tenenbaum to put this large, beautiful, vacant brick house on the market. As my mother would say, great minds think alike, because Mr. Tenenbaum put it on the market while our letter was still in the mail to him.

The house is listed with Trebach Realty. http://trebachrealty.com/listingsHouseDetail.asp?lid=341

A ¬†number of people have been to see it. A number of offers have been made. We haven’t heard that a deal has been made. The house has many beautiful features, although it has been left filthy and ignored for almost 20 years. It would make a beautiful home for a family who are able to do the necessary renovation.

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2 responses to “3344 Giles Place for Sale!!”

  1. gigi

    No its not!!! I called the realtor on August 5, 2014, and as of their statement, I was told that the house was put off the market because the owner does not want to sell anymore. I addressed to them that my brother was very interested in it and that he will be fixing it up as he works in construction himself. But they said NO!!! they wont be selling it no time soon.

  2. Emery

    Good Morning!

    My husband and I would like to get in contact with Mr. Tenenbaum. We would like to know the status of his 3344 Giles Place property. It is no longer on the market but if it’s not under contract we want to purchase it. If anyone has his information We would greatly appreciate it!

    Warmest Regards,
    Christopher & Emery Ortiz

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