A survivor from the Revolutionary War

Recently, we received a great email from someone with great memories of a childhood spent on Cannon Place:

 The area is particularly dear to me as my grandparents lived there and I often stayed at their house on Cannon Place. Unfortunately, the house and its neighbor, both beautiful Georgian revival structures built by an architect named Haritunian in the 1930s (I believe) were torn down in 1972 to build the Kingsbridge Heights Rehab center. The two homes were set in beautifully landscaped gardens that were also destroyed, with the exception of a fantastic 250 year-old-tree that survives because it was included in the premises of the apartment building on 3435 Giles Place. Though I never had the courage to return to the place for decades, I was there in October and discovered that the tree was still standing.

I hope there is some way to protect it, since in my childhood it was described as a survivor from the Revolutionary period. 

 You can imagine how beautiful the bend at Cannon Place used to be with the lofty columned mansions, the gardens lush with fruit trees, bushes, flowers and even a vegetable patch.


250 year-old trees like this are a big deal! There is one at 231st and Corlears (preserved during the      development of a new apartment building) and one at Gun Hill Road and Moshulu.


Thank you so much to Garry Owen for bringing this to our attention.

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One response to “A survivor from the Revolutionary War”

  1. annette thermos (argyris)

    Is there a local newspaper that I can subscribe to for the West Bronx.
    I grew up in that whole wonderful area in the 50s and 60s. I lived at 3446 Ft. Independence St. with my family, grandparents in apt. downstairs, and aunt, uncle, 2 cousins on top floor. Also lived at 75 W. 238th St., and 3363 Sedgwick Ave.
    I’d appreciate any info, thanks, Annette Thermos (Argyris)

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