Time for Mr. Tenenbaum to Put 3344 Giles on the market!

Giles Place residents have long been concerned about the vacant house right at the intersection of Cannon Place. Staff at the Kingsbridge Heights Rehab Center (KHRCC) park their cars there, but the house sits empty.

Today, Fort Independence Park Neighborhood Association wrote to the owners of the vacant house — CG Limited Partners, a corporation controlled by Morris Tenenbaum, which is also the corporation which owns the KHRCC. Mr. Tenenbaum, is the brother of the late Helen Sieger, former director of KHRCC. He also is the CEO of Kings Harbor Nursing Home in the Bronx.

We sent copies of our letter to our new City Councilman, Andrew Cohen, Community Board 8 District Manager Nicole Stent, and the current director of the KHRCC, Bruce Zarett. You can read the letter here: vacant house

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