Neighbors: we need your help protecting rezoned neighborhoods

As many of you know, we have been fighting over the fate of the lot at 3333 Giles for more than a decade.

In 2004, through the help and hard work of Community Board 8, parts of Van Cortlandt Village (including this lot) were rezoned to permit only detached 2-family homes. It was widely recognized that our community, with its winding streets and fragile infrastructure, could not tolerate more thoughtless, large-scale development.

But the owner of the lot (who had already torn down a historically significant Sears home) embarked on a “race against the clock” attempt to put in a foundation before the new zoning regulations kicked in. The sloppy results protruded onto the sidewalk.

Through many rulings, the City backed up the community and favored enforcing the new zoning regulations. But, at the final hour, the pro-development BSA (Board of Standards and Appeals) undid all those early decisions and ruled in favor of the owner’s right to build a large apartment building.

FIPNA sued. We lost. And now we need your financial help to file an appeal.

This case is important to everyone who care about community. Left unchallenged, it creates a bad precedent for future rezoning. Property owners will put some cement in the ground, in the right place or not, and then be free to rip it out and build whatever they want. We can see waves of demolition whenver an attempt is made to rezone an area. People throughout CB 8 who want to protect our collective ability for a reasonable rezoning in any neighborhood should consider our appeal imp0rtant and consider supporting us.

Please contribute through the “Donate” button on the right column of our site. (Under the countdown to a NEW MAYOR)– or click here




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