New Trees Arrive!

As I was beginning my day, I saw a trailer truck loaded with lovely trees come down the street!

And Ryan Graham sent this news:

The 238th St. trees have been planted!

They look like Fastigiata Oak trees- as far as I could tell from the NYC street tree species list.   Five of them, at least 13 ft. tall.   Wow- very dramatic.

Thanks, Raymond, and all of you for your efforts in requesting these.


Two trees are also being planted in front of 3311 Giles Place. Where else do you see new trees today? Lets all keep a protective eye out for our new treasures — water them when its hot, if you can.

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2 responses to “New Trees Arrive!”

  1. Ryan

    I think these trees are also known as European Hornbeams.


  2. Ryan

    Yet another correction – the tree labels say these are actually “Zelkova Serrata Musashino”, a Japanese variety. They get to be 45 ft. tall and 20 feet wide at maturity, with green/yellow leaves in the fall.


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