Yet another heavily subsidized deal to bring low-wage jobs, truck traffic to the Bronx

In yet another massive tax giveaway, the city and state have pledged $130 million in tax breaks, tax credits, and capital investments to get Fresh Direct to build its new headquarters in the South Bronx– where, not incidentally, they have so far refused to deliver– instead of New Jersey. This deal will plunk a truck-clogged warehouse right in the middle of the Harlem River Greenway.

Fresh Direct is infamous for its low wages, interminably idling trucks, and crazy packing policies (I once received a cantaloupe in its own separate giant box) that are great for kids who like to build forts, but not so great for the environment. I shiver at the image of fresh food being shipped in and out of a giant warehouse in the food desert, where I presume the people will still not be able to buy a decent apple.

Worst of all, politicians announced the deal BEFORE the hearing at the NYC Industrial Development Agency… making a mockery of public input process and rendering it unlikely that the deal will bring a discernible benefit to the hardworking people of the Bronx. The hearing on this issue is tomorrow morning:

The next public hearing of the New York City Industrial Development Agency will be held on February 9, 2012 at:

110 William Street, 4th Floor, New York, New York 10038 [Fulton St. subway stop]

When will our politicians learn that a truly strong and resilient Bronx will require listening to its citizens, and pausing for a moment before giving away its equity?

Almost as offensive as giving Donald Trump a $180 million golf course…

Check out the Bronx Council for Environmental Quality’s website for more information:



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2 responses to “Yet another heavily subsidized deal to bring low-wage jobs, truck traffic to the Bronx”

  1. h

    Hi, many are attending Thursday and many are interested and cannot. We can ALL send an email to the

    New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman

    By visiting here:

    Cut and paste, or add your own, or both!

    “I am very troubled at the recent announcement by the Governor and other elected officials that tax benefits and other corporate subsidies are being offered to Fresh Direct to relocate to the waterfront of the South Bronx.  I already had many concerns with this proposal, including the impact of so many truck trips in an area with the highest rate of asthma in the Nation, but the totally undemocratic disrespect for the public approval process and the people of the City and the State prompts me to write to you.

    Please investigate the lease between the NYS Department of Transportation and the Harlem River Rail Yards that a predecessor to you signed during the previous Cuomo Administration.  We need to ensure that State land is being properly utilized and all payments are being made to the State and the public benefits of a waterfront be enjoyed by Bronx residents.  This needs to happen before Fresh Direct, or any other entity can be considered for tax breaks and giveaways and move to our public land.  Thank you in advance for your written response.”

    Pass this on!

  2. Kristin

    thanks, “h”!
    How was the meeting?
    From the Daily News coverage, it sounded fairly bleak…

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