House for sale on Giles Place

Here’s a house for sale on Giles Place. Can’t say I’m thrilled that this real estate agent is listing this legal 2-family as a house with 2 3-bedroom apartments, 1 1-bedroom apartment, and one studio. Can you say “overcrowded”?

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4 responses to “House for sale on Giles Place”

  1. Kristin

    They are acknowledging in their own advertisement that the house is illegally configured.

    And… um…. $689,000?

    1. Mr. I.C. Levenberg-Engel

      Kristin- Please get involved to some degree in the topic of Bronx Playgrounds, which will be featured at Bronx Parks Speak-Up on Feb.25th at Lehman College. Please contact me or Karen Argenti, OKay? Thanks, ***mricle***

  2. Kristin

    I’ll be there!

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