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This one is my own personal opinion — please feel free to share yours!!

Margaret Groarke

I intended  to inform you all of the public hearing Community Board 8 was going to have about the proposal to place an ice skating rink in Van Cortlandt Park — but the hearing, originally scheduled for September 8th, has been cancelled. (If it is rescheduled,  I hope Community Board 8 is able to find a place closer to us than the Riverdale Y).

Personally, I’m really looking forward to having an ice skating rink in Van Cortlandt Park. As a child growing up on the other side of the Reservoir, I skated on the lake in Van Cortlandt, back when skates were rented out of the golf house. I also skated in what is now Loehmann’s.

All I’ve heard about this proposal yet is complaining. Those of you who have heard me complain (about ever so many things) know that I grant everyone their right to complain, oppose or suggest alternatives. My concern about the complaining on this score is that I don’t get any sense that any of the people complaining would be disappointed if their complaining led to there being no ice skating opportunity whatsoever. And that, I think, is sad.

I would love to be able to skate in Van Cortlandt with my daughter and kids from the block. If someone thinks there’s a better spot in Van Cortlandt, or a better way to make it happen, I’m all ears. But if the real purpose of your complaining is to deep-six the idea of me and my kid skating in Van Cortlandt, you better have a really good reason, and you better be willing to explain it to me.

As I said, this is my personal opinion — its not an issue we’ve had a FIPNA discussion on — but I’m posting this in hopes of starting a conversation about it here.

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  1. Ryan

    Sounds like a great idea- how could anyone find something negative about skating in Van Cortlandt Park? I can’t wait to do it. I hope they’ll have hot chocolate and coffee nearby as well! All that open space, trees and hills will make it one of the prettiest places in the city to skate.

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