3 responses to “How much destruction in 3 weeks?”

  1. Raymond Yee, MBA, MPH

    Developers feel that once they have a toehold into a property, they can force the issue to build it because they want residents to feel it is hopeless to stand against them.

  2. Bob Drake

    The property now has a chain-link and a see-through mesh. Unfortunately the mesh does not cover up the mess they have created.

  3. annette thermos (argyris)

    In the 50s, I used to play in this lot as well as my cousins and the neighborhood kids. It was called the “sticker lot”. I lived at 3446 Ft. Independence St, brick house right next to it that has been turned into coops. Where the very large apt. house is next to “3446”, before that apt. house went up in the late 60s, it was a large lot, that was just called the lot. There was a big rock in there that was called “king rock”. Of course I wouldn’t want to see the “sticker lot” demolished and other buildings or houses go up there, but something should be done with it. I’m just basing this feeling on nostalgia and wonderful memories. One lot when down and now this eventually will. Love living on Ft. Independence St.

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