New Development Proposed for Cannon Place

By Kristin Hart, President, FIPNA

City-financed developers are again targeting the empty through lots on Cannon Place/Ft. Independence.

Jackson Development Group is proposing 93 HDC-financed “affordable apartments” AND 122 “below grade” parking spots on this site. (Please see the attached fact sheet…which has been floating around the Community Board for over two months.)

Just last year, we argued (persuasively) that this site is too expensive and too dangerous for a large-scale development like this– particularly large scale development which is funded by our own tax money, and during a recession. We commissioned an engineer’s report to back up what our common sense (and local history) tells us about this site. Cannon Place, which has been almost impassable much of this winter, and is held up by an old retaining wall, cannot absorb 200+ new residents. This is just more irresponsible development, more free money for Bloomberg’s friends to do what they want with our communities, and probably retribution.

For a sense of the kind of development we are talking about, take a look at Jackson’s recently completed “Decatur Terrace”– a gigantic 13-story building on Decatur Avenue in Norwood, constructed with $41 million in free loans and tax abatements, that dwarfs everything around it:

Or… closer to home, consider the impact of “The Bentley” on Orloff, where the management is now offering a month’s rent and a free flat screen to anyone willing to sign a lease on a $1000 “affordable” studio apartment.

Though this is really a Land Use issue, it is going to be discussed at CB8’s next Housing Committee meeting (at 5676 Riverdale Avenue) on Monday, January 31 at 7:30 pm. Stay tuned here for more info.

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