Information on proposed Cannon Place Devt

We received a fact sheet which has the following information about the project:

Name: Cannon Place Apartments
Project Address: 3469 Cannon Place, Bronx, NY
Block: 3258
Lots: 120, 128
Zoning: R6
Height: 7 Stories plus multi level below grade parking
Lot Area: 29,985 sq ft
Total Residential sq ft: 96,219 sq ft
Retail Sq Ft: 0 sq ft
Community Facility: 6,227 sq ft
Parking Spaces: 122 spaces
Number of units: 93 Unit Breakdown: Studio –– 6
1 bed –– 39
2 bed ––46
3 bed –– 2
20% of the units will be at 50% AMI and 80% of the units will be at 100% AMI

Unit Types 40%and50%AMI 100%AMI
0 Bedroom (1)$474 and (1)$596 (4)$1,136
1Bedroom (1)$511and(6)$659 (32)$1,432
2Bedroom (1)$623and(8)$801 (36)$1,732
3Bedroom   (2)$1,992

Agency: New York City HDC
All units will have dishwashers. All 2bedrooms and 3bedrooms
have 2bathrooms. The building will have a gym and laundry
facilities for the use of the tenants.

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2 responses to “Information on proposed Cannon Place Devt”

  1. doris

    Would like to be added on your email list.

  2. Kristin

    The original “fact sheet” that they distributed to the Community Board said that “all two bedroom apartments will have two bathrooms.”

    Hmmm… could it be that they were LYING?

    Also, most of the rents will be as follows:
    studio– $1136
    one bedroom– $1432
    Two bedroom– $1732
    Three bedroom– $1992

    Even if they’re able to rent them the first time around, people won’t stay.

    These don’t exactly look like the kind of apartments where people will settle in and stay a lifetime!

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