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  1. pearl granat

    Dear Phil, Lynn and Karen,
    FIPNA and the community have been in my thoughts constantly since Helen Sieger, the ex- owner and criminal from Kingsbridge Nursing Home was arrested and is waiting Rikers for her trial. You were the most consistent and amazing support for the workers and the paitents at Kingsbridge Heights Nursing Home. I believe there should be a documentary made of the work and the support and the love you gave to the workers, the unioin, and the residents of the home. The story ends with – we were right and did the right thing. As I celebrate the Jewish New Year, I once again wish all of you in the FIPNA community a sweet year and all the health and happiness to you and your family. I know we dont stay in touch regularly but I speak for all, you are not forgotten and will always be remembered by 1199. Solidarity and please feel free contact me any time. Pearl Granat, VP 1199 SEIU

  2. Neighbor

    FORMER NH Exec!

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