Should Fort Independence Park neighborhood be a Historic District?

FIPNA submitted a request to the Landmarks Preservation Commission to determine if our neighborhood is eligible as an Historic District.

A Historic District is an area designated by the Landmarks Preservation Commission because it has a special character or a special historical or aesthetic interest which causes it to have a distinct “sense of place.”  Each historic district represents at least one period or style of architecture typical of one or more eras in the city’s history. Historic districts may contain a variety of building types and styles from several different eras.



At this time the boundary includes both sides of the all streets starting at the most southern point of Fort Independence Street at Sedgwick Avenue going north and westward for the entire Fort Independence Street to Orloff Avenue, then northward along Orloff Avenue to Van Cortlandt Avenue West, then eastward to along Van Cortlandt Avenue West to Sedgwick Avenue, and southward along Sedgwick Avenue to Fort Independence Street, including all of both sides of Giles and Cannon Places.


What do you think? Please let us know.  If you live here, or if you just like our community, we need to get the sense of the community to present to our local representatives.


We will be making a presentation and answering questions at the Meeting on Wednesday, May 19 at 7:30 pm at the Kingsbridge Heights Rehab Care Center, 3400 Cannon Place.   Return the letter at the meeting, email it to us at, or fax it to (888)763-8399.

COMMENTS ARE WELCOME; please let us know what you think.

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2 responses to “Should Fort Independence Park neighborhood be a Historic District?”

  1. TImmy Philip

    I just came across this site and would like to know if there is updated information available regarding the status of this request. I was wondering why the old 50 Precinct on Summit and Kingsbridge Terrace wasn’t included as well as the 1800’s colonials located in between Bailey and Heath Ave,

    1. Margaret

      We’re at work with the State Historic Preservation Office on this — if you’d like to help, please let us know. Many hands make light work!
      I think (maybe another reader of this blog knows for sure) that the former precinct, now the Kingsbridge Heights Community Center, has already been recognized as a landmark. (If anyone wants to research this and write a blog post on it, send it in!)

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