FIPNA Association Rules for Construction

Rules for Construction Activity

We are a low density residential community, joined together in this association with the interest in preserving and protecting this neighborhood.  If you want to get our good neighbor certificate then please follow the Association’s Rules:

  1. No noisy construction can take place before 9 a.m. or after 5 p.m.  (Noisy shall be defined as anything above 10 dbs below the ambient level so as not to add to an already noisy environment.)
  2. No cement truck washing should take place on the city street and no discharges should be made into the storm drain.
  3. No trucks should idle longer than required by law.
  4. No rock removal truck shall drive through our streets unless completed and tightly covered so as not to litter our streets, air and car hoods with flying debris.
  5. No traffic can be stopped for more than one hour for any purpose including deliveries and large machine moving machines.
  6. No work that makes noise on Saturdays.
  7. No garbage shall be dumped on sidewalks and all sidewalks shall be passable at all times.
  8. No saving of parking spots for construction workers or deliveries.  We live here too.
  9. No construction or contractor parking on the sidewalk. Public transportation is encouraged.

FIPNA Rules for Construction Activity

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