Breaking News: Community Advisors Suspend Board, January 31, 2010

Today, we learned that the Community Advisory Board (CAB) for the proposed project by Urban Pathways at 3469 Cannon Place voted to suspend activities, based on the a.k.a. 3482 Ft. Independence Street, met and voted unanimously to agree to suspend its activity.

Copy of the letter is here: CAB_suspension_letter (PDF)

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3 responses to “Breaking News: Community Advisors Suspend Board, January 31, 2010”

  1. Margaret Groarke

    Although I was at the first meeting of the CAB. I was not invited to the meeting that resulted in the writing of this letter.

    I am surprised to hear that anyone felt pressured. Several statements of opposition to the project were made at the meeting.

    I thought what we were trying to do there was see if there were ways in which the project could be altered to respond to the concerns of the community. I guess you all have decided that this is not a conversation worth continuing.

  2. Phil


    I was not privy to any of these meetings either which is probably a good thing because I am 100% against this project moving forward. The scale of the project is just too big for this neighborhood which is already saturated with facilities of this type, not to mention a 400 bed nursing home which already impacts this neighborhood tremendously.

    It seems to me that you are still looking for ways to get this project built? What do you envision as an “altered project” that would be suitable for this already over burdened neighborhood?

    Let’s not forget, they want to situate the main entrance to the facility on Cannon Place a narrow one way street that barely has enough room to pass if there is a double parked car.

  3. Kristin

    The community opposes this facility, and the community has the right to express its concerns PUBLICLY.

    Urban Pathways came to that meeting ready to “negotiate” this building from 90 to 60 units, which is probably what it wanted to build all along.

    60 units is not a victory for the community. There is no way this proposal could be “altered to respond to the concerns of the community” at a private, closed door meeting run by Urban Pathway’s PR representative.

    The meeting was a PR ploy.

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