FIPNA Historical Research

This should be a working file of things we collect. Let us know if you have items to upload and we will add. Send to

Landmarks Preservation – request_for_evaluation FIPNA 030804

Old photo  of Jerome Park Reservoir wall РCousin and Aunt of Arax Hogroian

Fort Independence Historic District Designation – Fort Independence Historic District Application Cover

Photo Gallery of Recent homes  РPhoto Gallery FI Historic District

Photos from old days – Giles old photos

Letters on Historic District – Letters Fort Ind Historic

The Bronx in History articles about Fort Independence – The Bronx In History Articles

Articles and Notices about Fort Independence – Articles and Notices Fort Independence

Historical Retaining Walls being destroyed – Historic Retaining Wall 091404

Landmark Retaining wall – Landmarks 3329 Stone Walls 061604

Request to Buildings – Landmark Giles Walls Fax 0604

Landmarks response in email – Kaminer response June 2

I also have the scans of the photos and articles listed above.

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