Alert: Monday Vote on Armory

From A Larger Group:

Hi all,

Today the leaders and staff at City Hall spoke with press and made calls but no vote today. Negotiations will happen over the weekend and we need to continue influencing City Council to not accept the welfare fund that Bloomberg is pushing. There’s no way it will pay real living wages to people without more money coming from Related, the employers, or (worst case scenario) the city. Boro President Diaz sent a press release this morning saying he’s opposed to the deal and we’ll send a press release today saying we’ll have the Council members backs if they vote the project down.

Watch us on NY1:

MONDAY is the last date the Council can vote on the Armory. If they don’t vote, it will pass automatically but we think that’s very unlikely because they would look incredibly passive. So we encourage all clergy to:

1. Call all Bronx members of the City Council (Especially Joel Rivera) and tell them to vote NO. Notes for these calls below.

2. Come on Monday to City Hall at 9:30. If you can’t make it then, we should be there until 1 PM.

3. Announce in services or meetings this weekend:
The future of the Armory will culminate on Monday when City Council votes on whether to approve the project without living wage jobs or affordable community space. Join us Monday at City Hall at 9:30 we will be there until around 1 PM.

Please let me know what you can do.
Abby / 646 642 6313

Right now the Bronx Council members are thinking of settling for a BAD deal on the Armory.

* A Living Wage fund employers can “Opt-in” to (not required or mandatory)
* A employees benefits fund (read: charity) that workers can go to if their employers don’t pay a LW. They would get reimbursed for rent, transportation, day care, food, healthcare and training up to $3,835
* There is still NO agreement on ANY OTHER parts of the CBA: No local hire plan, No union neutrality, No recreation space.
* Money for the fund will come from the $4 million sale price of the building and the income on 45,000 sq ft of space

Note: related is asking to lower the sale price by $1 million in exchange for giving up rent on 18,000 sq ft of space — OUTRAGEOUS!

Talking Points to raise with the council members when you call:

* This is a Bad deal for the Bronx and NYC, You must vote it down.
* We cannot count on employers to regulate themselves and do right by their workers– we learned that from wall street. Employers are NOT going to voluntarily opt-in. Nobody will get a living wage and the funds will be used for something else other than for the workers.
* The benefits fund is nothing more that a charity. Low wage workers are already on food stamps, medicaid, a section 8. We don’t need to subsidize poverty we need A MANDATORY LIVING WAGE PAID BY EMPLOYERS!!!!
* This fund is just another city subsidy on-top of already increadible subsidies that Related is getting. This is outrageous.

CALL NOW!! CALL EVERYONE, NOT JUST YOUR REP. They are all down at city hall today so try their city hall numbers first before calling the district.

look up your council person’s contact info at:

Bronx Borough President:
718-590-8087 Ask to speak with Wilhelm Rhonda
The BP already voted No so tell him to press the city council to vote no.


Joel Rivera
District Office Phone: 718-842-8100
212-788-6966 city hall
Ask to speak with Joel Rivera or Albert Alvarez, his Chief of Staff

Annabel Palma
District Office Phone: 718-792-1140
212-788-6853 city hall
Ask to Speak to Annabel Palma or to Megan Lynch, her Chief of Staff or Jeffrey Lauffer, her legislative aide.

James Vacca
District Office Phone: 718-931-1721
212-788-7375 city hall
Ask to speak with James Vacca or with Jeff Lynch his Chief of Staff

Fernando Cabrera:

Larry Seabrook:
District Office Phone: 718-994-9900
212-788-6873 city hall
Ask to speak directly with Mr. Seabrook

Maria del Carmen Arroyo
District Office Phone: 718-402-6130
212-788-7384 city hall
Ask to speak with Ms Arroyo or with Joanne, her Chief of Staff

Helen Foster
District Office Phone; 718-588-7500
212-788-6856 city hall
Ask to Speak with Foster or her Chief of Staff Jim Fairbanks

Oliver Koppell
718-549-7300 (district)
212-788-7080 (city hall)
Ask to speak directly with Koppell or with Arlene

From Abby’s email (NWBCCC)

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  1. Ryan Graham

    I’d say our neighborhood and the Bronx lost on this vote. How will an empty building improve our neighborhood?

  2. Kristin Hart

    Maybe they can turn it into a huge supportive housing facility?

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