Democratic Primary, September 15th

Just a reminder to all my FIPNA friends that there is a Democratic primary being held on Tuesday, September 15th. For our neighborhood, the ballot will include a primary for our City Council representative. There are two candidates, and every registered Democrat should check them out, and make a choice.

There’s a lot of info on the web, if you google their names. I’ll try to post some, starting here with their own websites. The candidates are:

Oliver Koppell, the councilman since 2002. He doesn’t seem to have a campaign website, but his official website is

Anthony Perez Cassino, who’s been on Community Board 8 for some time.

His campaign website is

On the ballot that same day will be a primary for Mayor, Public Advocate and Controller. Don’t forget to exercise your vote!

I invite everyone to (politely, please) advocate for the candidates of your choice. I’ll try to do another post shortly with endorsements.

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