Meeting with K.H.R.C.C.

On July 15th, three FIPNA members met with Mr. Bruce Zarett, the Administrator of the Kingsbridge Heights Rehabilitation Care Center.

As followers of the FIPNA blog know, the state has taken away Helen Sieger’s operating license, and is in the process of putting the nursing home in receivership, giving the current caretaker, clearer authority over the KHRCC. (See February 13, 2009 post on this blog).

The facility is interested in formalizing the use of the side lot as a parking lot. We impressed upon them the importance of minimizing the light and noise impact on the immediate neighbors, and they were amenable to our concerns.

They are also interested in fixing up the vacant home owned by CG Limited Partners (a corporation controlled by the Tenenbaum Family Trust, which also owns the property on which the nursing home sits) for use as office space. It is not clear what permits or permission the nursing home would need to do this. We said that we think it is very important that the plywood be removed soon, as it is unsightly, and that we’d be happy to talk further about the house being used for something, rather than have it sit vacant.

We expressed our hope that the nursing home would soon have a contract with its workers; discussions are ongoing. Some of the workers unfairly fired by Helen Sieger have been rehired.

We also raised some of the issues we have with the nursing home:

  • Garbage trucks coming after 11 p.m.
  • Garbage trucks spilling sludge on the street
  • The noise and smell of the generator
  • Delivery trucks which sometimes block traffic

Mr. Zarett spoke to the garbage removal company about the truck schedule, and has promised to look into the other issues.

Our conversation was a very good beginning to what we hope will be a positive relationship. Of course, the proof is in actions, not in words. Mr. Zarett said the nursing home wants to be a good neighbor to us, and we can see that the plywood has already been removed from the house as we requested.

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4 responses to “Meeting with K.H.R.C.C.”

  1. Phil

    Thanks Margaret for the update on the meeting. I am sorry I was unable to attend said meeting as I would have loved to discuss the many concerns that remain in regards to the nursing home.

    It seems to me that Mr. Zarett is willing to work with the neighborhood, but as you said the proof is in the actions that are carried out.

    As for the empty house, we were the ones that requested that it be boarded up originally as it is a very dangerous and unsafe condition that exists in our neighborhood. Since the plywood has been removed, we need to impress the importance of securing the house.

    I would be very interested in hearing the thoughts of others in regards to the use of the house. I am all for the nursing home using it as office space, this would at least keep it maintained. If you look at Montefiore, they use private homes all around the neighborhood and keep them very well maintained.

    Once again, thanks for the notes on the meeting.


  2. James

    Well you cant trust that Mr. Zarett it turn up he’s worse than Mrs. Sieger heard nurses are now paying 300% increase on their insurance and cut 3 days of their sick days and how come nobody complain with garbage infront of their parking ??? If your complaing about the board in the house how come no one copalin about that garbage container in front of that parking lot

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