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*** UPDATED 12/9/2008 ***

Many of you followed Hendrix’s story via the blog and website over at NorCalGSPRescue, I am happy to be able to say that Hendrix has found a forever home! He is now living a real dog’s life on a ranch in Arizona where he gets to run around in his wheeled cart on 40 acres of land. He gets to play with other dogs and cats and has an adopter who has fallen for his great personality!

You can read all about Hendrix and also if you would like to help feel free to donate while you are there.

Read all about Hendrix here: http://www.norcalgsprescue.com/hendrix.shtml


Hello Everyone,

Today’s post is not a usual post for me, nor is it neighborhood related. I am passing on an urgent need for a friend of mine. Those of you that know me know that I had a beautiful German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) named Sassy. Sassy passed away a while back and I miss her till this day, there will never be another dog like her. I created several sites in her memory G.S.P. Blogs and Pet Rescue Directory have been up and running in her memory in the hopes that these sites might help other pets in their time of need.

I didn’t just want to plug my other sites, I have a reason for this post. My good friends over at NorCalGSP Rescue have an urgent need to place one of their GSP’s. Hendrix is no ordinary GSP, he is an extraordinary dog that has over come many battles in his life so far. He is now facing one more battle in which his time is running out! Hendrix needs a home, however please read below what was sent to me before you say “I’ll take him”, it is not as simple as you might think.

As many of you know, we have been looking for an adoptive home for Hendrix, and have not had much luck.  Julie and Shari fostered him for many, many months (thank you so much!), and when they were no longer able to, we found a new foster home for him.  That foster home will not be able to foster him past September 30th.  If we cannot find a long-term foster home or placement for him within the next two weeks, we are out of options for him.

We have had him since he was 4 weeks old, given up by a backyard breeder with the story that the pup needed surgery from the umbilical cord having wrapped around and that he couldn’t afford it.  Turns out the pup has spina bifida, not surgically repairable.  Hendrix is neutered, up to date on shots, has had spinal surgery to repair the opening on his back to prevent infection, is crate trained, has completed puppy class.  He is presently 36 pounds and will probably be about 40 pounds when fully mature.  Medical records for all of his care are available.  He is not house trained (bowel or bladder) because of his disability, and wears diapers when inside.  He’s been to therapy essentially weekly to work on strengthening his rear legs.  He just received his wheeled cart and loves it!

I have promoted him on our web site, other web sites, Yahoo group posts for German Shorthaired Pointers and rescue groups, our newsletter, and through flyers.  I have contacted sanctuaries and humane societies, to no avail.  We have been unable to secure another foster home, or an adoptive home for him.  We had two potential adopters that both fell through.  He is sweet, loving, lovable, and smart.  Here’s the information we have been sending out far and wide:Hendrix is now 10 months old, and has a wonderful personality! He was discarded at 4 weeks by a backyard breeder and is in this situation through no fault of his own. He will need an adoptive or foster home that can see past his physical limitations and help him develop his full potential. He gets around the house very well, doing best with smooth floors to scoot himself around. He stands up to eat and to interact. He has a sling that is used to help him walk, and wears wraps or diapers while loose in the house. Hendrix has been receiving weekly rehabilitative therapy to develop his strength and use of his back legs, and his wheeled cart has just arrived – be sure to check out his blog for his newest videos http://www.norcalgsprescue.com/adopt.shtml and click through, or directly at http://gspblogs.com/norcalgsp/category/hendrix/.

Hendrix is excellent with dogs large and small, kids of all ages, and has not shown aggression towards cats (and couldn’t chase one too well anyway!) He loves to play shadow games http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kS5ZWdqHxCI

as you can see here in one of his videos! He’s crate trained and has completed puppy class. He’ll do best in a home with another playful dog, and people who are physically capable of caring for him – assisting him in his sling, cleaning up after him, carrying out his therapy routine, protecting his skin, and giving him the love that GSPs demand!

When you meet Hendrix, you will fall in love with him. Despite his physical problems, he’s good-natured, very affectionate, full of playful puppy energy, and incredibly intelligent and eager to learn.

We are offering transportation for him if we can find a suitable place, and he would come with a crate, sling, wheelchair, diapers, toys and a monetary donation to help offset some of his care.  He needs a place that is physically accessible for him, easily cleaned, and will work with his skin issues; and people who can manage his care, which is not inconsequential.  Attached is a flyer (thank you Laura!) for you to forward and/or post.  Please let me know if you can help, time is of the essence.

Thanks!  Barbara

Barbara Gale
Foster Coordinator
H 650-325-5543
C 650-207-3501
F 650-324-2147
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Ok, so if after reading and watching the video you still think you can help then please click through to either the adoption page or the main website of NorCalGSPRescue.com. I was told by Barbara that if someone on the East Coast wants to adopt Hendrix that the airfare to get him here would be covered along with a monetary donation to help with his expenses.
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