Strike Update Day 183 – (8/20/2008)

Day 183 – Wow, day 183… Can you believe it has been six months since this strike began. The members have braved the snow, the cold, the rain and the heat all because they believed they were right. Well they believed correctly, THEY WERE RIGHT! All along the way, we (FIPNA) stood with the 1199 SEIU members because we knew they were right as well, of course we were not the only ones that thought they were right, as a matter of fact I think the only ones that thought 1199 was wrong was Helen and her scabs inside.


Well it finally all ends tomorrow, the 1199 members are going back to work! Helen is supposed to open the doors and welcome each and every one of the members back in, all but the six members that she chose to alienate even more by accusing them of strike misconduct. These six members will have to wait till September 3rd to have their day in court and Helen will have to prove their misconduct to the judge.


Today on the line was a happy day, but yet kind of sad as we all realized that all the friends we have made over the last six months will be returning to their jobs and different shifts. It is good that they will be back to work and I know that the bond they made with one another for the last six months will not be broken. The union is more united than ever and is prepared to go back to work and organize the entire shop, so anyone that is working there will either be a union member or be gone.


The members were having some fun for their hopefully last day on the line, they were playing tug-of-war, hula-hoop, jump rope and more. Look at Paulina go!



Come on now Swiney, you can do better than that!



Errol Lewis from the NY Daily News visited the strike line today to congratulate everyone on their victory and to let them know that he will still be following the happenings here at Kingsbridge. He also interviewed several members for a story to be run in the paper or on his radio talk show.


Isaac gave a speech to all the members and told them that victory is sweet but they are to go back in with their eyes wide open. He also mentioned that tomorrow was Audrey’s birthday, how fitting is that, that the workers will be returning to work on Audrey’s birthday. I am sure Audrey is looking down and smiling, knowing that the fight she fought with the rest of her coworkers was won. Let’s also remember and pray for Lilly and Sanka, both of whom are ill and will not be returning to work tomorrow.


The striking members did have some fun today with the scabs, as the scabs walked by all the members started singing “NA-NA-NA-NA-NA HEY, HEY, HEY, GOOODDDDD-BYE”!



There was a tribute banner made with many pictures of the days gone by and the memories that will last forever in the minds of all the striking members. It is amazing to look back at all that they have been through, which is why I know they have a bond now that can’t be broken.



Lastly, I just wanted to thank the Riverdale Press once again for more great coverage of the strike with this weeks latest article, Nick Judd has been outstanding is his coverage and reporting of the strike.


Court forces home to reinstate workers – The Riverdale Press


I will keep you updated on the happenings here at the strike line tomorrow, hopefully there won’t be much to say but you never know.


Till tomorrow, STAND STRONG!

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