Strike Update Day 182 – (8/19/2008)

Day 182 – I am sure you are all waiting to see what is going on. The latest news is that the striking members are preparing to return to work on Thursday as the injunction had ruled. However Helen has decided to appeal the injunction (surprise-surprise) to the presiding judge, the judge immediately threw out the appeal according to a union representative. Helen can still appeal to the second supreme court and they can decide to hear the appeal or not.


I had thought right from the start that Helen would appeal, but was surprised when I heard as of last night she did not. The other news is that Helen has now named 6 – 9 striking workers that she claims violated proper striking behavior and does not want these individuals to return to work. These people will not be allowed to return to work until each of them have hearings and Helen brings her proof to the court that they behaved badly.


These hearings were scheduled for yesterday but of course they were postponed, this is not a bad thing as it gives the individuals named in the cases time to prepare.


We shall see what happens by Thursday, if Helen can get an appeal I guess the striking members will still be outside on the picket line. If not then I guess Helen will have company inside once again and the scabs can finally go home, I wonder if Helen is going to keep all her security guards?


If there is anything news worthy it will be posted here promptly, until then we are all just waiting and watching this cat and mouse game.


In solidarity, STAND STRONG!

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4 responses to “Strike Update Day 182 – (8/19/2008)”

  1. Phil

    How did I miss this article in today’s NY Daily News: ‘Bittersweet’ win for Kingsbridge Heights nursing home workers – NY Daily News

  2. little bill

    Phil you think that no one violated proper striking behavior?

  3. Money Man (Patrick)


    Please refer to my former post re: strikes in any country other than the US – then ask that question again.


  4. PinkPanther

    Yoo-hoo peu Itsy Bitsy Teenie weenie projet de loi, vous n’avez pas l’obtenir-vous? It’s over et vous, oui, vous êtes à votre n butt.Proper frappant comportement? Avez-vous des noix? Qu’en est-il de toutes les croûtes? Est-ce qu’ils ont scabbing bon comportement? Je suppose que vous tous les croûtes étaient innocents de tout mal faire? NON! Je ne peux pas attendre le jour pour voir votre visage, comme nous marchons dans la porte, mais vous serez alors sur l’extérieur dans la recherche, nda pa? Je me demande ce qui s’est passé à Martin alias mr gale alias vous me voyez tous les jours alias nakiba alias moi moi-même et je alias M. POOPY PANTALONS? Il avait tellement de choses à contribuer tout le temps, jusqu’à ce que nous avons gardé découvrir l’ensemble de ses alias. Qu’est-il advenu de “cher sweet» Nadine, pas grand-chose à dire maintenant, hein? Toutes ces grandes bouches spewing vicieux tous leurs mensonges, insinuations, vile et venin, où sont-ils maintenant? Nous n’entendons pas vous, venez, donnez-nous une dernière chance de vous faire déchirer mot par mot, s’il vous plaît .. .. s’il vous plaît assez joli s’il vous plaît avec de la glace crème sur le dessus. Yoo-hoo little itsy bitsy teenie weenie bill, you just don’t get it do you? It’s over and you,yes,you are out n your butt.Proper striking behavior? Are you nuts? What about all the scabs? Do they have proper scabbing behavior? I suppose all you scabs were innocent of any wrong doing? NOT!!! I cannot wait for the day to see your face as we walk in the door, but then you will be on the outside looking in,nes pa?I wonder whatever happened to martin aka mr scab aka you see me everyday aka nakiba aka me myself and I aka MR POOPY PANTS? He used to have so much to contribute all the time,until we kept finding out all his aka’s. Whatever happened to “dear sweet’ Nadine, not much to say now, huh? All those big mouths spewing all their vicious lies, innuendos, vile and venom, where are they now? We don’t hear you, come on, give us one last chance to tear you apart word by word, please..pretty please..pretty please with ice cream on top.

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