Strike Update Day 168 – (8/5/2008)

Day 168 – So today was supposed to be the day that the NLRB case was heard before a judge about the illegal video taping along with the injunction to get the workers back to work. I just found out that it has been postponed once again to August 11, 2008. This postponement was due to the judge not being available this week. So once again Helen gets to slide and 220+ workers still remain on the picket line.


Rumors around are that Jacob has not resigned as of yet and Helen has begged her Brother to give her more time before the eviction. Why he would do this is beyond me, I mean he brought her to court to evict her from his property, why would he give her more time to stay?


I guess time will tell what is going to happen, but the wheels of justice are spinning very slowly.


In solidarity, STAND STRONG!


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