Strike Update Day 160 – (7/28/2008)

Day 160 – I have not been posting for a while because there has not been much to report, maybe it is because the long days of summer are upon us but there really hasn’t been much movement. We also have been fighting the blasting at the reservoir along with some other developer trying to ruin our community and also fighting to keep the park unlocked. More information on all these later.


I am going to report on the latest news from my sources about the ongoing court cases that Helen Sieger has open and also the strike in general.


According to my sources Helen did not show up for the NLRB case last week, her excuse was she has a new lawyer and he needs to get in from California. I was told that the judge was so irritated that he issued a subpoena for Helen to appear in court along with all parties involved on August 4, 2008 so that he doesn’t have to waste his time on August 5, 2008 when he will rule on the NLRB case. How many times can Helen use the no lawyer excuse? Oh wait the other excuse was that she was punched by Issac, which we all know was false.


Now the other case is the eviction by her family from the nursing home, according to sources there has not been any stay or appeal as of yet. I have been told it is highly unlikely that any appeal will be heard since the Appellate ruled on the case already. So if this is true than when does Helen leave? Should we start a countdown timer for her? She had 30 days from June 30th, is the calendar days or business days? If it is calendar than we should be having a party by the weeks end. Let us all hope!


This has been one strike to remember, I cannot believe that at this day 160 these people are still forced to stay outside on a picket line because of one thoughtless, evil, money hungry woman. All I can say is what goes around comes around and I am sure the bite will be much worse for Helen.


I will keep you updated if anything changes or any new information develops.


Till tomorrow, STAND STRONG!


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20 responses to “Strike Update Day 160 – (7/28/2008)”

  1. Mavis foreman

    helen has no where else too run and hide……….it’s over.

  2. Mavis foreman

    and where is her girl and boy .. lol hiding? heeheheh

  3. PinkPanther

    Mes does not really matter how many days..
    Il est terminé.. IT IS OVER.. HELLen loses, ah but then, we always knew she was a loser, didn’t we FIPNA?? didn’t we 1199 SEIU ?? “THE FAT LADY SANG HER LAST SONG”.. there are no more songs left to sing.. tant pis si triste! as FORMER FIPNA PRES. used to say.. TOO BAD, SO SAD!

  4. Phil

    Latest news that I just heard today from a very good source that Jacob Perles (Helen’s Administrator) will be resigning as of August 4th, 2008. If this is true what will Helen do? Do you need a licensed operator to operate the facility? There hasn’t been much news as to who will replace him. Word around is that nobody wants to work for Helen and all the goings on at Kingsbridge.


    I was asked today to submit all my pictures of Helen’s cameras for the NLRB case, this should be easy as there have been many days that I have posted here about all the cameras and even the new ones that she installed.


    Also today I was informed that Nadine has not been to work for sometime, I was told that she is very ill. Now I know that this blog and the commentators have been hard or her for the way she came here and lied about who she was only to hide the fact that she was bashing the very people she worked with for so many years. However, we don’t want to see anyone ill and we wish Nadine a speedy recovery.

  5. Mavis foreman


  6. 1199 Member

    HELEN…. Where are you…. Hiding from the union! Game over HELEN…

  7. PinkPanther

    C’est vraiment trop mal de Nadine, mais si j’avais travaillé pour Hellen aussi longtemps qu’elle a été et est allé contre la mauvaise bouche et tout le monde que j’avais travaillé pendant des années avec, je serais vraiment trop mauvais .. Désolé, aucune sympathie de moi .. Comme on dit “ce qui se passe autour, revient” .. That’s really too bad about Nadine, but if I had worked for HELLen as long as she has and went against and bad mouthed everyone that I had worked with for years, I’d be really ill too.. Sorry, no sympathy from me..As they say “what goes around,comes around”.. Tant pis, si triste Too bad, so sad…

  8. Stephanie Schwartz

    STRIKE BENEFIT — Showing of Michael Moore’s “Sicko”

    Come see Michael Moore’s “Sicko” & support striking health
    care workers. In this moving film, Moore exposes the deadly
    nature of the system for even those with health insurance.

    $5-10 donation requested at the door. No one turned away for
    lack of funds. All proceeds support striking health care
    workers at the Kingsbridge Nursing Home from SEIU Local 1199
    who have been on strike for over five months.

    5pm, Friday, August 1, 2008
    Fort Independence Community Center, 3350 Bailey Avenue

    (1 train to 231 St., walk east across the
    Van Deegan Expressway, take a left on Albany Crescent,
    right onto 233 St., and left onto Bailey)

    Sponsored by the International Socialist Organization

    Read “High stakes for the Kingsbridge strikers”:

  9. PinkPanther

    Tant pis, si triste.. too bad, so sad.. if Former FIPNA President does not mind..this will be the Pink Panther’s new tag line.. it is too good not to be used.. I hope everybody attends this benefit.. I will be there.. Absolutmont! This movie is fantastique, and tells it like it is.. We must stand together and fight these injustices in memory of Audrey Smith Campbell and Dorkal Thenzin too!.. They are cheering us on from Heaven.. Their deaths shall not be in vain!

  10. little bill

    so the 5th is our last day?I thought her last day is the 30th…and then from the fift is going to be the 10th..1199 Why are you lying to these people..I thought her last day was months ago… evry week and evry month you guys say you coming in ,so how come you still out there?

  11. Mavis foreman


  12. Former Employee

    Yo little bill, what you gonna do when you ge thrown out on your butt? We see who be laughin then man!



  14. little bill

    Today is 30days so why is hellen still here?did you guys wrote she got 30 days and they going to throw her out? what happend?

  15. Mavis foreman

    time alone oh time will tell think you’re in heaven but boy you’re living in hell…T I M E

  16. little bill

    WOW…(((D-DAY))) was on the 5th…And now is on the 11th,what happend?? Why was hellen in today? wasent her last day on the 30th?How many more days you going to give the ladie, ill bet you making her crazy paking and unpacking her stuff,,,,is the 11th is going to become the 17th?…1199 why dont you just tell the people the truth that you dont know when they coming in?And stop making up all these days.When is helen leaving and when the striker’s coming back in …..BUNCH OF STUPID LIERS……………………………………………………………………………………………………………. KHRCC day 163 Still standing strong……….

  17. PinkPanther

    Bonne journée, peu de projet de loi, nous wilie Wonka, pourquoi ne pas vous trouver quelqu’un d’autre pour jouer avec, oh que le droit, vous n’avez pas de rire sont maintenant, mais bientôt, très bientôt, vous serez l’un de pleurer sur la recherche en dehors de la communauté po, le Puissant, puissant syndicat et les 220 grévistes sont victorieux, pour que les justes prevail.You sera donné des coups de pied de la bordure avec toutes les autres croûtes, à l’instar de la corbeille que vous êtes. et à droite en haut de la pile sera le mal, Hellen méchante sorcière dans son chaussures Prada et Gucci son sac et de tous les perruques il .. Ensuite, vous tous mai aller directement à Hellen ..
    Good day, little bill, we wilie wonka, why don’t you go find someone else to play with, oh that’s right, you have no are laughing now, but soon, very soon ,you will be the one crying on the outside looking in. the community, the mighty,mighty union and the 220 strikers shall be victorious, for only the righteous prevail.You will be kicked to the curb along with all the other scabs, like the trash that you are. and right on top of the pile will be the evil, wicked witch HELLen in her Prada shoes and her Gucci bag and all of he wigs.. Then may you all go straight to HELLen..

  18. Rosa Martinez

    Muchachas y muchachos–hasta luego– vaya con el Diablo–
    Su tiempo es de hasta – el tiempo para dar su alma al Diablo.

  19. little bill

    220 striker’s ?is that a joke? During the day you dont see more then 50 people at at night not more then 20 where is the rest of the striker’s?

  20. Rosa Martinez

    At your mama’s! por favor cierre la boca ya!

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