Breaking News: NLRB seeks injunction – 7/21/2008

An article appearing in Crain’s New York states:


The National Labor Relations Board will seek a temporary injunction in federal court next week against the Kingsbridge Heights Rehabilitation and Care Center that could bring an end to the strike, which has attracted the attention of local and national political figures, including Sen. Charles Schumer and Sen. Barack Obama.


See the entire story here: Labor Board seeks injunction in nursing home strike


“Helen Sieger’s position is the workers are through, `I’ve permanently replaced them,’” said Dan Ratner, a lawyer for 1199. “In fact, the workers will be back to work, the union will be in place.”


Ms. Sieger did not return a call seeking comment.


What else is new?!?! Helen never has a comment.


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16 responses to “Breaking News: NLRB seeks injunction – 7/21/2008”

  1. PinkPanther

    Mon Dieu, vache sacrée, il s’agit d’excellentes nouvelles .. My God, holy cow, this is wonderful news..
    Comment merveilleux ce sera, pour chacun de se remettre au travail, et dire au revoir croûtes. How wonderful this will be, for everyone to get back to work, and saying Goodbye scabs.

  2. Rosa Martinez


  3. Former Employee

    Yo,yo HELLen it’s gonna be crying time for you and the scabs because we gonna win,we gonna win and you all be going down!

  4. PinkPanther

    Il est, absolument, à propos de ce temps pour être plus et faire avec. Cela a été beaucoup trop long, je pense que nous allons voir des feux d’artifice très, très bientôt! Ensuite, nous pouvons tous célébrer notre indépendance de HELLen et ses séides traîtres et cohorts.Just pense pas .. HELLen, Marty bébé, pas de pauvres amer Nadine et meilleur de tous, absolument. NO croûtes! Il s’agit d’un atelier syndical, pas de croûtes permis! Pauvres, pauvres Marty bébé, ce qui allez-vous faire? Nadine et les pauvres, qui va vous embaucher? It is, absolutely, about time for this to be over and done with. This has gone on far too long, I am thinking that we will be seeing fireworks very, very soon! Then we can all celebrate our independence from HELLen and her traitorous minions and cohorts.Just HEllen, no Marty baby, no poor bitter Nadine and best of all, absolutely. NO SCABS! This is a union shop, no scabs allowed! Poor, poor Marty baby, what are you going to do? And poor Nadine, who will hire you? Marty pauvres bébé / mr.scab pauvres et Nadine / jman qu’est-ce que tu vas faire avec tous les temps libre, vous aurez? Peut-être que vous pouvez écrire un livre sur la façon de se retourner contre vos collègues de travail le temps, pour quelques pièces d’argent. J’espère que vous HELLen bien payé, mais je ne le crois pas, parce qu’elle n’aime pas se séparer de son argent, en particulier pour les traîtres qui sont restés behind.What ‘s de maintien de vous maintenant de tourner contre HELLen? HELLen mais personne ne veut croire HELLen. Poor Marty baby/ mr.scab and poor Nadine/jman what are you going to do with all the free time you will have? Maybe you can write a book on how to turn against your long time fellow employees,all for a few pieces of silver. I do hope HELLen paid you well, but I think not, because she doesn’t like parting with her money, especially to the traitors who stayed behind.What’s now keeping you from turning against HELLen? HELLen trusts nobody but HELLen. Très bientôt, mes amis nous allons tous chanter et danser dans les rues, la maison de HELLen s’est effondré et a tourné en cendres, en vertu de son droit Prada chaussures! Very soon, my friends we will all be singing and dancing in the streets, for the HOUSE of HELLen has crumbled and turned to ashes, right under her Prada shoes!

  5. little bill

    temporary injunction ,That dosent mean that you won you still not going to have your contract, so all these days striking was pointles…Tell me how you won? When you come back in with a contract then you won and we lost..

  6. Phil

    Hey little bill,


    Maybe you should go back an re-read the story, perhaps someone can help you if you don’t understand.


    “If the judge rules against Kingsbridge, the home would be forced to resume making payments to the workers health fund, among other measures.”


    What do you think other measures means? KHRCC would be forced to resume payments to the fund along with bringing the union members back to work under the contract that Helen didn’t sign. If Helen refuses to do so after the judges rule then she herself will be held in contempt of court.


    I can’t wait to see all your faces as the union members march back into the facility. I am sure you will be standing there with open arms :)


  7. PinkPanther

    Hey, peu de Willie, pourquoi ne pas vous réveiller et sentir le café? Il va être bientôt, très bientôt et vous serez sur votre derrière. Ensuite, qui sera de pleurer et de malédiction? Préparez vos sacs willie peu parce que vous allez à l’histoire! Oh oui, soeur Nadine prendre avec vous! Hey, little willie, why don’t you wake up and smell the coffee? It’s going to be over soon, very soon and you will be out on your behind. Then who will be crying and cursing? Pack your bags little willie because you are going to be history! Oh yes, take sister Nadine with you too!

  8. Steve

    Little Bill should set his time machine to sometime after 1935.

  9. PinkPanther

    Hey-Marty bebe, nous allons réduire la merde déjà – soit propre à vos commentaires ou fermez votre bouche, s’il vous plaît, ne nous tous une faveur et allez! Hey Marty baby, let’s cut the crap already– either own up to your comments or close your mouth,please, do us all a favor and just go away! Make sure you take all the scabs and “dear sweet sister” Nadine with you!
    Assurez-vous de prendre toutes les croûtes et “doux chers sœur» Nadine avec vous!

  10. little bill

    how many more days we got????

  11. PinkPanther

    Yoo hoo Marty bébé ou un peu willie ou que ce soit, vos jours sont comptés .. maintenant je voudrais voir l’ordre a été mis en vigueur à Juin 30 .. si vous avez 30 jours pour quitter les lieux dès maintenant .. c’est Juillet 26 et comptage .. autant que vous êtes tellement lumineux vous trouvé la solution .. Yoo hoo Marty baby or little willie or whatever, your days are numbered.. now let me see the order was put in effect on June you have 30 days to vacate the now it’s July 26 and counting.. so since you are so bright you figure it out..
    Au revoir Marty bébé, Nadine adieu, au revoir croûtes et le dernier mais pas moins bon débarras mai Hellen vous tous à Hellen! Goodbye Marty baby, goodbye Nadine ,goodbye scabs and last but not least good riddance HELLen may you all go to HELLen!!

  12. little bill

    Sentra,why do you think is martin?

  13. little bill

    Sentra since im not martin that mean’s im not bright so tell me how many more days..If i remeber they union told you guys that you going to be striking for 3 days thats why alot of people went on strike,and then they kept on telling evryone that they coming back in evry week…why is the union keep mesing with your people’s mind and tell you the truth when you coming back in?i heard like 15-20 different date’s i even knew people that had their uniform ready because they thought they going back to work…..1199,STOP MESSING WITH THESE PEOPLE’S MINDS…I BET ENYTHING THAT YOU NOT GOING TO BE BACK ON THE DAY THAT THE UNION TOLD YOU THIS TIME….IM not riding this to be a prick .Sentra how many time’s you guys ware told that you coming back in?This dosent look like a 3 day strike like the UNION told alot of the people…You guys say that seiger dosent care about any one just her self and her money ..that she use’s people to make money for her..what about the union they care about you? yes,why ,you make money for them too.They got 220 on strike for 160 i think you know how much money they lost from you ,evry week of your union dues goes to 1199,1199 has millions of mebers that alot of money per week,My point is bouth side’s just want money ..

  14. PinkPanther

    Mon Dieu, it’s wee willie wonka.. You are right you are not very bright.. you must learn how to spell before you put your pen to paper, nes pa/ or rather your fingers on the keys.. too bad just another scab.. soon you will be gone.. and then we will see who’s right..Absolutmont, everybody wants money, I don’t think you scabs are working for free..but people deserve a fair wage, a fair contract and fair health care benefits,nes pa? And you need the union to fight evil,greedy nursing home operators like HELLen, who would sell their souls for money..

  15. Money Man (Patrick)


    You Said: I don’t think you scabs are working for free

    They may not think so, but HELLen’s MO to date has been to show people the door, without paying them. Security Guards, Lawyers…they are all telling the same story. In fact, a few weeks back, when one former security guard came to collect his money, she had the reamining guards beat the crap out of him! So if they think their final days will be compensated by dear ol’ HELLen, I have a bridge to sell them!!

  16. PinkPanther

    Absolutmont,Monsieur Argent Homme/ Patrick! They do not yet know or understand the price they have paid and will still have to pay for aligning themselves with the le mal un, HELLen!.. HELLen talks a good story, as her ilk is want to do, but when the time comes they will find out that it was, just a story.. HELLen cares for no one but HELLen..

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