Strike Update Day 149 – (7/17/2008)

Day 149 – First thing this morning the alarm bells were ringing from the nursing home sprinkler system, you can see something happened, look at all the water gushing out of the building. And they have the nerve to complain about the fire hydrant being open, trickling water.



Not only does the nursing home like to waste water, they seem to like wasting electricity by leaving the unnecesarry lights on even in the daytime.



There was not much happening on the line as it was one hot day, the members are still here, trying to stay cool. I remember when they were trying to stay warm at the beginning of the strike, now they are trying to stay cool.


Tonight, the Captain kept his word, he told me yesterday that he was working a 16 hour shift and that he would pass through here after 11:30, sure enough he was here with a patrol car. He witnessed first hand the cars that park in the “strike zone” all night.


He had his men issue summonses to all the cars on the street as well as two cars that were in the nursing home driveway, but parked overlapping the sidewalk. NOTE TO HELEN: Tell your people that they must park behind the building line, not on a public access sidewalk, also make sure not to block the fire exit on the side of the nursing home.





(See overlapping the sidewalk…)



Funny how the staff has plenty of time to stay outside and look at the tickets, read the signs, take pictures, etc. Who’s watching the residents?


Just so everyone knows, the street is considered a “Strike Zone” there is no parking at any time, until which time the strike is over.


Till tomorrow, STAND STRONG!


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9 responses to “Strike Update Day 149 – (7/17/2008)”

  1. PinkPanther

    YIPEE–YAHOO–3 CHEERS FOR MON CAPITAN– However, I am how you say, a skeptic? Let us see how long it continues,nes pa? You must not take all theI credit for yourself, mr. phil, you must share with the “Kingsbridge resident” guy. I am thinking that the Capitan did not want everybody writing letters to the 1 Police Plaza and certainmont, did not like his precinct being called “country club”, nes pa? I wonder if HELLen is going to pay for all the scabs tickets? But then, she owes everybody m-o-n-e-y, so they will have to get in line,nes pa? What has happened to this Marty baby and poor Nadine? Have the rats fled from the sinking ship? And where oh where is HELLen? It is so quiet.. no scabs Marty baby pretending to be someone else.No long winded posts from jman/nadine.. what has happened? maybe they are busy looking for new jobs,nes pa? If all of those scabs were outside looking at the tickets and taking pictures and in no hurry to go back inside, who was watching the patien6s inside? who was there to answer the call bells? who was there if somebody fell,or needed a drink or needed a bedpan? WHO IS TAKING CARE OF THE POOR PATIENTS? Maybe someone set a fire, as a call for help, that is why the sprinklers go off? Such waste all the lights on n the day and who pays for it? MEDICAID/MEDICARE? Absolutmont this must come to an end, but then it will, won’t it? With or without HELLen.. There are only 12 days left and then she will be evicted, nes pa? Aurevoir,HELLen, Marty baby, Nadine /jman and all the scabs..
    Adieu croûtes, ne laissez pas la porte vous a frappé dans le cul en voie de disparition. Farewell scabs, do not let the door hit you in the butt on the way out….

  2. Rosa Martinez

    Adiós a todos los perdedores-nos vemos, no quiere ser usted. Goodbye to all the losers- see you, wouldn’t want to be you.

  3. Former Employee


  4. FIPNA Friend

    Hey Pink Panther, maybe the missing scab writers are on vacation?

  5. Mavis foreman

    heehehehehee i’m just loving it …. scabs and all

  6. little bill

    Phil how come the cops didnt stop by on friday? Is it because there was some cars in front of the union bus and the sidewalk, in front of the house? why didnt you called the cops then ..So now i know when can we park in front of the nursing home and wont get a ticket.

  7. Phil

    Pretty funny little bill, the cops don’t come when I call they just come when they can. If there is a car in front of the union bus it WILL get a summons as well, union member or not.


    If we (community members) cannot park on OUR street then nobody else should be able to either. It is as simple as that.


    For your information my neighbor received a summons for parking in front of his driveway on the sidewalk. He broke the law and got what he deserved, if I park on the sidewalk I would expect a summons as well.


    Let’s not forget I was the first one to receive a summons for parking on the street when there wasn’t even any signs or barricades stating that there was no parking. I received a summons because of the incompetence of one of the 50th’s police officers. He caused an accident and to cover his butt he wrote a summons.


    I don’t feel sorry for anyone that gets a summons, especially now because it is clearly posted there is no parking, but it appears you, your scabs, your doctors, and even Arkady thinks they are above the law and can park. Just remember, park at your own risk as the PD will be coming by randomly!


    Also tell Helen to fix the parking lot, so cars aren’t parked on the sidewalk or blocking the fire door.


  8. Rosa Martinez

    Oh my goodness, little willie is back! Don’t you have anything better to do? QUIT YER BELLY ACHING!

  9. PinkPanther

    Mon Dieu– who would think that scabs get vacation and right in the middle of a strike? It appears that the rats have run right behind HELLen, from a sinking ship,nes pa? only time will tell–pauvre HELLen, pauvre Marty baby, pauvre Nadine and pauvre, pauvre scabs..the end is near..

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