Strike Update Day 148 – (7/16/2008)

Day 148 – Once again today the police were back, this time they wrote summonses to Arkady, the driver of the nursing home van. If you park in the strike zone you get a ticket, what is so hard to understand? Not only did they give the nursing home van a summons they wrote a summons to the doctor that was parked on the street as well.


Earlier, the Captain came ringing my bell. I wasn’t available at the time but while the officers were writing the summonses the Captain pulled up, so I went to see what he wanted. He told me he was just checking in with all his community groups and wanted to make sure all was well. At this point I asked, “Are you sure you didn’t read the FIPNA blog?” He laughed and said that he did not, I just thought it very coincidental that the police arrived the day after I wrote the post about writing a letter to the Police Commissioner.


Anyway, while the Captain was here we had a long talk and he stated, ANYONE parked in the “strike zone” will be ticketed and anyone caught breaking the law will be dealt with as well, even the community residents. He also stated that this enforcement would continue as we just received 19 new police rookies to the 50th. He said the nursing home should provide parking for the doctors and visitors so that these problems don’t need to happen.


I questioned him once again about the fire hydrant and once again he said there are no issues. Not strike related, the burglaries that were happening around the area have stopped. It is still wise to be vigilant and make sure you lock up when you leave your home.


Once again the parking at night is still happening, here you can see a picture taken around midnight.



Funny thing is you can see a police car responding to a call from the nursing home had to double park next to the illegally parked car. No the car did not receive a summons.


Nothing new to say about the strike, the line is still strong and the members refuse to give up. They are truly standing strong!


Till tomorrow, STAND STRONG!


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One response to “Strike Update Day 148 – (7/16/2008)”

  1. PinkPanther

    It seems very funny to me, the mickey mouse guards leave and the armed guards leave all hired by HELLen, and now too the burglaries leave.Funny,nes pa? As for mon Capitan, do you think we were born yesterday? Of course Mon Capitan reads this blog, otherwise how would he know what is going on, nes pa? He is how you say,nerveux, nervous, that you go to Commissioner Kelly about his ineffectiveness in handling his command. Mon Capitan , he does not want this, he wants his promotion, so he can leave these bad boys behind. The 50 precinct is a stepping stone to a promotion, however, you must do the job well, to get this promotion!
    peut-être depuis HELLen n’est pas autour, le numéro 1 Plaza de police tout le temps, il figurait il mieux réparer ses clôtures avec la communauté maybe since HELLen is not around, calling 1 Police Plaza all the time, he figured he better mend his fences with the community. I am thinking maybe the night shift didn’t get Mon Capitan’s directive,nes pa? And for the police vehicle to double park alongside the illegally parked car , it is like a scene from the Keystone Kops!
    Pour tous mes amis sur la grève en ligne, vous êtes très courageux et très fort et en fin de vous savourer la victoire doux! Unis dans la Solidarité. To all my friends on the strike line, you are very brave and very strong and in the end you will savor sweet victory!Stand united in Solidarity.

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