Strike Update Day 147 – (7/15/2008)

Day 147 – Well just one day after posting about the police not enforcing the law they arrived today like storm troopers. There was a police van posted on the strike line today.



The difference today is that this officer would make everyone move out of the “Strike Zone” and would issue summonses to anyone who did not listen.



The summonses did not just hit the nursing home or it’s visitors, they also were served on neighborhood residents who were caught breaking the law as well.



My first thought was that the Captain is back here to make a show, perhaps he read yesterday’s blog entry? I don’t know what the story is or what caused this sudden burst of enforcement but let’s see just how long it lasts.


In other news today, there is some talk going around about the security guards that Helen has hired. Allegedly, some of them might not have proper papers to be working here. The talk is that Helen has sent the security company a letter stating that all the guards need to be properly documented or they need to go, what is the sudden concern? Is it that she might need them for a court case and if they aren’t documented properly they can’t be called as witnesses? Who knows for sure. Speaking of security, what happened to the “undercover” security that used to park on Giles? They just disappeared two weeks ago.


I was told that the NLRB case against the nursing home for the video taping of the striking members was upheld, Helen tried to appeal the case and now lost. The NLRB and the union now has the ability to ask a judge to hold Helen in contempt because of the ongoing video taping that continues today.


At 11pm tonight the cars that have been parking on the street are back.



Now where did that police van go?


Till tomorrow, STAND STRONG!


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One response to “Strike Update Day 147 – (7/15/2008)”

  1. PinkPanther

    Mon amis, do not wonder why this sudden show of force by the Capitan, they do not like what this ‘Kingsbridge resident” say–that this police precinct is a “country club”. Absolutmont, that’s what it is, to be sent to he 50 precinct is like being sent to detention after school. When you are a bad boy, you get sent to detention, nes pa? It is about time, don’t you think? It has been 147 days of absolute freedom for HELLen and her scabs to park wherever they want in blatant disregard for the laws. But then, HELLen, she makes her own rules, nes pa? She thinks everybody should bow and kiss her derriere, while she throws them a few pieces of silver, from her ill gotten gains. Mon Capitan, must realize how badly this lawlessness reflects on him and his “runaway command”. You have documented all the illegal parking day after day, all you have to do is open your eyes and look at the pictures, nes pa? How you say, “a picture is worth 1000 words” when this is all over, let the chips fall where they may.As for the ‘mickey mouse’ security guards, do you not remember, how they do not want their pictures taken? The strikers kept on saying they didn’t think those guys had papers. Some of them could barely speak English,nes pa? How come the police did not check them out? Just another thing to put on that very long list..HELLen does not need her armed guards, where she is going, they provide them for free.

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