Strike Update Day 141 – (7/9/2008)

Day 141 – Today started out much more subdued than yesterday. The striking members were just doing their usual daily routine. The weather is hot again and there are many children on the strike line so once again the fire hydrant is open with a spray cap. I just want to state for the record that the NYFD and NYPD both are aware of the hydrant being open and the striking members have full permission to use it at will as long as the cap stays in place.


There is another article in the Riverdale Press today about the nursing home and how Helen now faces eviction, the article implies that she could seek another appeal but it is my understanding that once the Appellate Judges ruled on the case, that was it. Like I said before only time will tell.


You can read the article here: Operator may lose troubled rehab center


It is rumored that Helen hasn’t been here for the last several days and also that people inside are packing things up, I guess maybe they are preparing for their own departure? If all plays out the way it is spelled out then Helen will leave via eviction and a receiver will step in and take over the day to day operations. There has been a buzz that there are three known receivers waiting to take over, one of them is Helen’s own Brother. All three that are waiting have agreed to sign the contract and put the workers back in their jobs.


We shall she what the outcome is soon enough, I am sure that everyone agrees we all just want this strike to be over and that a fair contract is signed and life for everyone can go back to some type of normalcy.


Tonight there was some type of issue where the police were called because eggs were thrown and some of the scabs were involved. I do not know the exact details as I was not there to witness it but I did receive the information when I arrived home. No arrests were made so once again I assume it was just the scabs and the striking members acting out. Remember these striking members have been outside for 141 days, eventually even the most timid of person would get frustrated.


Till Tomorrow, STAND STRONG!


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One response to “Strike Update Day 141 – (7/9/2008)”

  1. PinkPanther

    Sacre bleu! What did I tell you? HELLen is taking all her gold and pieces of silver and is running as fast as she can..Mon Dieu, I really hope it is true.. Ce serait le plus merveilleux, fantastique, fantastique, marvelous chose! Hellen terme terme, de plus en plus vite, de sorte qu’ils ne capturent pas de vous et de vous faire quitter. This would be the most wonderful,terrific, fantastic, marvelous thing!! run HELLen run,faster and faster, so that they don’t catch you and take you away..
    Marty pauvres bébé, Nadine pauvres <pauvres croûtes, vous tous pris un gros pari et signé contre le syndicat, ce qui maintenant avez-vous? Je pense que Hellen gauche, vous tous derrière, avec des oeufs sur votre visage et la tenue de la valise vide. Tant il est rideaux pour vous tous. Poor Marty baby, poor Nadine< poor scabs, you all took a big gamble and signed against the union, now what have you got? I think HELLen left you all behind, with egg on your face and holding the empty bag. So long it’s curtains for all of you. Hellen terme, lancez Marty bébé, lancez Nadine, lancez croûtes terme, Scurry loin comme les rats que vous êtes! HELLen run, run Marty baby run, run Nadine run, run scabs run, scurry away like the rats that you are!

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