Strike Update Day 140 – (7/8/2008)

Day 140 – As you know today started out with some damage being done to the scab workers cars that were parked in the nursing home parking lot.



If you didn’t read about it already have a look here: Breaking News: Day 140 – (7/8/2008)


A little while later someone rang my bell, who was it? Captain D’Adamo from the 50th precinct. I figured he came up to see me because of the post that I made the day before:


We are back to the same old same old, parking everywhere and the 50th doesn’t care. I have been told it is boring to read the posts that just keep rehashing the same things, I agree! However we do need to bring these activities to the attention of Captain D’Adamo so he can have his command handle the situation. It seems that no enforcement has been taken against any of these law breaking cars that park on the sidewalk and in the “Strike Zone”, which by the way I was forced to pay a $115.00 ticket because of the ineptitude of officer Vanputten, one of Captain D’Adamos officers. Is it because there are no more community council meetings that we can publicly put the captain on the hot seat? If so we surely will be back in September to air all our grievances.


However he claimed that he didn’t read the blog and was sad that I had written something bad about him. He insists that he has cars coming by all the time issuing summonses for cars on the sidewalk or parked in the “Strike Zone”. I told him that I had only witnessed the one officer writing a summons and that was it, even though I have pictures post here day after day of the illegal parking.


While he was standing on the sidewalk I pointed out a car parked in the nursing home driveway that was also parked on the sidewalk, this I told him goes on all the time. Now it is not that I am being a complainer but if our own community residents can’t use the street (myself included) why is it ok for anyone else to use it?


While the Captain was here I had asked him to give us a commitment that if the park gates are left open at night that he would provide a patrol though the park regularly. He gave a firm commitment in doing so, so if the park is left open we expect to see a police presence driving through it.


Now even though I have given a hard time to the Captain, I want to point out one thing. He is a brand new Captain to the 50th precinct and he started his new command the day the strike started here. He didn’t know anything about the nursing home nor did he know much about the community around it, during this time he has garnered a feel for the community as well as the strikers and the nursing home. I would be remiss if I did not say that he is the ONLY Captain that “makes rounds” and actually reaches out to the neighborhood to see what issues are outstanding.


Perhaps it is his command that needs to follow his footsteps and give him the respect that he deserves. I realize that he is a young Captain and will probably be moving up the ranks like all the rest before him, but while he is here his command needs to listen to him as well as what the community’s needs are.


Till Tomorrow, STAND STRONG!


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