Strike Update Day 139 – (7/7/2008)

Day 139 – Since last weeks posting slow down, I have received many emails asking what’s up? I never realized that so many people read this blog. When I started this blog I didn’t mean for it to become the daily stopping point because of a strike, instead it was intended to be a place where we (FIPNA) could keep updates so our local neighbors can see what we are up to. But since this strike happened the blog took on a life of its own and became the news site for the strike line.


We are back to the same old same old, parking everywhere and the 50th doesn’t care. I have been told it is boring to read the posts that just keep rehashing the same things, I agree! However we do need to bring these activities to the attention of Captain D’Adamo so he can have his command handle the situation. It seems that no enforcement has been taken against any of these law breaking cars that park on the sidewalk and in the “Strike Zone”, which by the way I was forced to pay a $115.00 ticket because of the ineptitude of officer Vanputten, one of Captain D’Adamos officers. Is it because there are no more community council meetings that we can publicly put the captain on the hot seat? If so we surely will be back in September to air all our grievances.


Below you can see the cars are parked on the street in the “Strike Zone”, in the nursing home driveway overlapping the sidewalk all blatantly ignoring the signs posted saying “No Parking Today”.





Another sign was made depicting Helen in a jail bird outfit.



I hope it doesn’t come to Helen being taken away in cuffs, but after all this time and all the alleged finagling that has come from her side it might just be the way this all ends.


Not much else happened today, I see that more and more striking members have been bringing their children to the line. It is a shame that these children have to suffer through this but I also understand that if you can’t afford childcare there is not much alternative.


Till Tomorrow, STAND STRONG!


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One response to “Strike Update Day 139 – (7/7/2008)”

  1. PinkPanther

    Mon Capitan D’Adamo, I have finally deduced what your problem is, you have what they call ‘a runaway command’. You do not listen to the community and resolve their problems, instead your precinct is one of the problems, nes pa? It is absolutmont obvious that your officers do not listen to you.They know that you are only here for a short time before you start moving up the ladder and promotion. However, you must understand that this will not happen if you continue to have ‘a runaway command’ You must rein in all these officers and put your foot down. You must respond to the community, not with pat answers or by placating them, you must resolve these parking problems once and for all. You cannot continue to turn a blind eye on this terrible, illegal parking in the strike zone on Cannon Place, for this is blatant abuse of the laws, which you are supposed to enforce. I will leave you with one very important proverb to ponder–“The pen is mightier than the sword” certainmont.

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