Strike Update Day 136 & 137 & 138 – (7/4/2008 – 7/6/2008)

Day 136/137/138 – First of all let me wish everyone a Happy Forth of July! I hope everyone was able to enjoy the long weekend even if the weather was not the best that it could be.



Since it was a long weekend the striking members decided to have a barbecue for the holiday, all shifts came to the barbecue during the day. Of course Kervin (AKA – Curtis) was on hand to cook up a storm.



That evening everyone went home. There were no striking members until 5:00am Saturday morning to start the strike line again. It was a very weird feeling to have the neighborhood so quiet, even though it is a big imposition to have the strike going on in our small community after so much time you get used to someone being outside 24 hours a day.


As for the rest of the weekend, it was business as usual. The striking members returned to the line on Saturday morning and have been here around the clock once again. There is not much to report as it was a very quiet weekend, which is a good thing since the altercation that happened on Thursday night. It was told to me that one of the scab workers called for her boyfriend to come pick her up and when he arrived he came out fighting. I don’t have all the specifics of the altercation but I know the police were called to the scene. It was also told to me that this same person came back at 2:30am that night and wanted to start fighting again, is this really called for? It is bad enough that the scab workers don’t think they are wrong for what they are doing but to bring people to the line to start fighting?


Hopefully this will all be over soon enough, we are still waiting to hear what Helen’s next move will be. Remember she lost the eviction case that her family brought against her, my understanding is she has 30 days from the decision (June 30, 2008) to vacate the premises. Time will surely tell what is going to happen with the nursing home and ultimately Helen.


Till Tomorrow, STAND STRONG!


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