Strike Update Day 134 – (7/2/2008)

Day 134 – Today there was an interesting turn of events circulating around the strike line, it appears that the Appellate term of the Supreme Court have decided that Helen Sieger (Kingsbridge Heights Care Center, Inc.) has lost her appeal against her family (CG Limited Partnership) and now is faced with a 30 day eviction warrant. To my knowledge this is the final appeal that Helen could make, I am not sure how Helen is going to try to get out of this one but of course I will follow up here with any new information.


What does it mean if Helen gets evicted? Basically one of three things could happen, she could close the nursing home down (unlikely, state won’t allow it), she could try and move all patients, she herself gets replaced and the nursing home gets placed into receivership. There is a rumor that there are several receivers waiting to step up, one of whom is Helen’s very own Brother.


Only time will tell what is going to happen but now the clock is ticking. A flyer on the strike line yesterday had the court ruling printed with “Sieger loses Eviction Appeal! Gets 30 Days to Get Out. Run Helen Run” blazed across the top of the page.


This would be great news to the striking members, because if the home gets placed into receivership then the new operator would bring back the striking workers and sign the universal contract that Helen was to sign originally.


In solidarity, STAND STRONG!


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4 responses to “Strike Update Day 134 – (7/2/2008)”

  1. mike polinski

    even you family hate you helen.

  2. joe santiago

    Does this mean that it could all finally be over? I hope so we need parking and these people who have suffered through rain – snow – cold and now heat really deserve to go back to work and be treated with respect something this woman Helen knows nothing about.

  3. mr. scab

    just out of curiosity, why would seiger’s brother sign the contract? what is this assumption based on?

  4. Phil

    Nice to hear from you again mr. scab, first let’s get one thing straight, there is no guarantee that Helen’s Brother would be the receiver that is put into place. Whomever the receiver is would be compelled to sign the universal contract to allow all the striking members to go back to work. Have a look at this story in the Riverdale PressSiblings attempt to evict owner of embattled home.


    Everyone knows that this strike will end and since Helen didn’t want to bargain in good faith it will end without her, I have been saying this all along and now the end is even closer. If you all have been brain washed by Helen and thought that you could continue working in a closed shop as scabs then the end will not include you either.

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