Strike Update Day 133 – (7/1/2008)

Day 133 – First, you may have noticed that I hadn’t been posting everyday recently. I have discussed these posts with the other board members and we have all decided that a weekly update would probably be more beneficial than to keep rehashing the same things everyday. It gets very boring to keep reading that the police are not doing their job by allowing the constant illegal parking that goes on here, it is also not necessary to just post saying the strike line is strong, we already know that it is strong! It has been strong for the past 133 days and continues to stay that way. So from this point forward, unless there is something that needs to be updated about the strike or the neighborhood we will be posting as needed and not daily.


Today it was told to me that Helen had to go to court and pay the back money she owed the Workers Compensation Board for her not paying the premiums that she is required to pay by law. I was told that she had to pay $1,038,000.00 in fines and back premiums. Nothing was mentioned about any type of criminal penalties or that Helen would be debarred like I stated in a previous post here.


Under section 141-b of the Workers’ Compensation Law, any person (or entity substantially owned by that person):
• subject to a final assessment of civil fines or penalties,
• subject to a stop-work order, or
• convicted of a misdemeanor for violation of Workers’ Compensation laws Section 52 or 131
is barred from bidding on, or being awarded, any public work contract or subcontract with the State, any municipal corporation or public body for one year for each WCB violation. The ban is for five years for each felony conviction.
If you have any questions, please contact the Workers’ Compensation Board at 866-546-9322.


I wonder if the WCB will pursue any other legal measures against Helen or are they happy that they received their money that she owed them?


In solidarity, STAND STRONG!


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