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No Blasting at the Jerome Park Reservoir – DEP TRO

On Wednesday, July 30, 2008, Ezra B. Glaser, an attorney with offices in the Bronx appeared before Justice Betty Owen Stinson seeking an Order to Show Cause for a temporary restraining order (TRO) against the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)’s proposal to blast in and around the Jerome Park Reservoir. The Judge […]

Strike Update Day 160 – (7/28/2008)

Day 160 – I have not been posting for a while because there has not been much to report, maybe it is because the long days of summer are upon us but there really hasn’t been much movement. We also have been fighting the blasting at the reservoir along with some other developer trying to […]

Breaking News: NLRB seeks injunction – 7/21/2008

An article appearing in Crain’s New York states:   The National Labor Relations Board will seek a temporary injunction in federal court next week against the Kingsbridge Heights Rehabilitation and Care Center that could bring an end to the strike, which has attracted the attention of local and national political figures, including Sen. Charles Schumer […]

Strike Update Day 149 - (7/17/2008)

Strike Update Day 149 – (7/17/2008)

Day 149 – First thing this morning the alarm bells were ringing from the nursing home sprinkler system, you can see something happened, look at all the water gushing out of the building. And they have the nerve to complain about the fire hydrant being open, trickling water.     Not only does the nursing […]

Strike Update Day 148 - (7/16/2008)

Strike Update Day 148 – (7/16/2008)

Day 148 – Once again today the police were back, this time they wrote summonses to Arkady, the driver of the nursing home van. If you park in the strike zone you get a ticket, what is so hard to understand? Not only did they give the nursing home van a summons they wrote a […]

Strike Update Day 147 - (7/15/2008)

Strike Update Day 147 – (7/15/2008)

Day 147 – Well just one day after posting about the police not enforcing the law they arrived today like storm troopers. There was a police van posted on the strike line today.     The difference today is that this officer would make everyone move out of the “Strike Zone” and would issue summonses […]

Strike Update Day 146 – (7/14/2008)

Day 146 – Well another Monday and still no end in sight, the strike carries on and it seems like everyone is bending over backward to make this strike continue on. DOH isn’t moving on anything and it seems like the NLRB is following in the DOH’s footsteps, I received news today that the NLRB […]

Strike Update Day 144 & 145 - (7/12/2008 - 7/13/2008)

Strike Update Day 144 & 145 – (7/12/2008 – 7/13/2008)

Day 144 & 145 – This is my usual weekend wrap-up of happenings on the strike line at Kingsbridge Heights Rehabilitation & Care Center. For those of you who haven’t been following along, this is day 145 of an unfair labor practices strike. Helen Sieger decided that she no longer wanted to pay health care […]

Strike Update Day 143 - (7/11/2008)

Strike Update Day 143 – (7/11/2008)

Day 143 – Let me start today with a complaint once again about the parking, it was just after midnight when all these cars were parked on the street. Most if not all belong to the scab workers inside the nursing home.       I called the 50th precinct and spoke to PA Lundsford, […]

Strike Update Day 142 - (7/10/2008)

Strike Update Day 142 – (7/10/2008)

Day 142 – So I get a call today from our secretary and she tells me that on July 4th her brother came to visit, she lives on Giles Place. Now he parked in her private driveway and received a $115 ticket for blocking the sidewalk, so residents of this community get slammed (myself included) […]

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