Strike Update Day 129 – (6/27/2008)

Day 129 – Once again the strike line is strong and many members were on the line chanting, they even received a visit from one of the family members.



I have been told that one of the directors (Tony) has been bothering the strikers by yelling names at them, before you start with me telling me that the strikers call the replacement workers names, I am well aware of that. This is what strikers do, they call names, chant, yell, etc. The insiders, especially management should know better and just go about their business and not pay any attention to the striking workers. Since Tony has been throwing around vulgarities, even towards me, I saw a sign made up with his name on it.



An article in the NY Daily News today brought to light some of the posting I have had here, the whole workers compensation thing, the investigation by AG Cuomo plus more that I did not list here. You can read the entire article here: Kingsbridge Heights Rehabilitation Care Center faces state probes


I find it very comical that the nursing home never has a comment for anyone, the only thing they had was a statement “The priority of the facility is and always will be quality resident care”, is quality care feeding the residents pizza and lima bean soup? It amazes me how the DOH still states that everything is fine inside the nursing home, but yet there have been many families that say it is not true.


Another interesting fact I found today is that the nursing home had multiple lapses in workers compensation coverage, you can see below the chart of coverage and that there was none in effect from 1/1/2004 – 4/27/2005, 5/31/2007 – present. If you would like to see this information live, click here.



WCB Emp Num Name Address

Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Insurer Policy Number Effective Date End Date End Reason Wrap Up
GREATER N Y MUT INS CO 8631003666 01/01/2003 01/01/2004 Policy Cancelation N
STATE INSURANCE FUND 03390689 01/01/2002 01/01/2003 Non-Renewal N
STATE INSURANCE FUND 03390689 01/01/2001 01/01/2002 Renewal N

Disability Benefits Coverage

Insurer Policy Number Effective Date End Date End Reason
STANDARD SECURITY LIFE D77642001 04/01/2000


Since we know the Workers’ Compensation Board last Friday issued a stop-work order that would close the home unless it proves by Monday that it has coverage and pays the board $38,000 in fines, I wonder if Helen is aware that even if the civil fines are paid it is still possible that she herself could be Debarred, see the following from the Workers’ Compensation website:


Under section 141-b of the Workers’ Compensation Law, any person (or entity substantially owned by that person):
• subject to a final assessment of civil fines or penalties,
• subject to a stop-work order, or
• convicted of a misdemeanor for violation of Workers’ Compensation laws Section 52 or 131
is barred from bidding on, or being awarded, any public work contract or subcontract with the State, any municipal corporation or public body for one year for each WCB violation. The ban is for five years for each felony conviction.
If you have any questions, please contact the Workers’ Compensation Board at 866-546-9322.


Like I said before, it will take time but eventually right prevails. It is only a matter of time before the striking workers will be back to work.


Till tomorrow, STAND STRONG!

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4 responses to “Strike Update Day 129 – (6/27/2008)”

  1. Madd Black Woman

    First off, I want to say that I am a worker at Kingsbridge Heights. I am angry as hell and I would love to give you a piece of my mind. The thoughts that are running through my head right now are very vulgar and profane, but I am going to keep it clean because unlike you trash on the strike line I have class. Why is that you do not post the abuse that we have to go through everyday verbal and sometimes even physical. Why did no one post when a females hair was ripped from her scalp or when peoples cars are vandalized. How about this one. A dog named Patricia (you all are not people you act like animals) followed myself and a few other females down to the bus stop with knives, yes knives for no damn reason. No one said or did a thing to provoke these dogs, yet still we were harassed. It seems as if the more we ignore you animals the angrier you get. Some, probably all of you no melanin having folks are very racist, calling us mop head hoes. So don’t you think the very people you are supporting are also mopped headed hoes. As for you Mr. Fipna you no life having loser. This strike is the high light of your life isnt it? You have nothing better to with yourself besides day after day sitting and watching our every move. All of the false and stupid accusations such as, we do not feed the residents and how they come to the windows complaining of being hungry. Come on, please come with something better than that. Have’nt you ever heard of alzheimers. You probably have’nt because when you all were here it was a fairy tale wonderland where noone got hurt, people lived forever and you wore S’s on your chest for Super CNA’s. Ha you are a joke. Then you want to post how a patient jumped out the window. Well well well whos watch did that happen on? Let me give you a hint. THE STRIKERS. What type of people would expose young children to all of the drama? Not only that but to also involve them by having them calling us scabies and whores. Your excuse for that is, Helen took away insurance so we cant afford childcare. If you would just start looking for a new job and stop sitting around playing dominoes and throwing BBQs everyday you could afford a damn babysitter. This is for the families who want to complain about the care that their mothers, fathers, husbands, wifes etc… are getting. Take them the hell home and care for them yourselves. If you have time to come and check up on them everyday then you have time to care for them. You should be ashamed of yourselves for even putting your people in a nursing home and even more ashamed for not approving of the care but still leaving them there. Yes you losers call the state everyday and yes we are cleared everyday. You all don’t care about those residents. Did you care about the residents when before you walked off the job you decided to cut up the hoyer lift pads or when you decided to pull the residents names off the doors and take off their name bracelets. Who do you think that affected. The very people you claim to care about thats who. A note to all of the informer nurses who still work there. You all have no choice but to give us credit, we saved your asses. If you love the strikers so much why didnt you join them? In closing, leave us innocent hardworking people the hell alone. We also have bills to pay and children to feed. Keep in mind that before we were scabies, we are people too. People with real problems and real lives just like yourselves but with alot more class. Maybe in another not so problematic situation we could of all been the best of friends. Stop taking your frustrations out on us because we are very minor in all of this. If Helen wanted you all back she would take you back. That has nothing to do with us and you know it. Anyway I had enough of entertaing this web page. Unlike Mr. Fipna I have a very good love life to tend to.

  2. Mavis foreman

    the only dog we smell is ..YOU..and you call yourself having class? think again you are such a beast.. Helen will get rid of you soon .. guess what as soon as all these decent people on this strike line returns .. you the beast will have crawl into some deep dark hole and be forgotton.. you are a low class animal .. nuff said

  3. Phil

    Madd Black Woman,
    First of all, any abuse you receive, you bring to yourself. Why would you choose to come work where there is a strike going on? I realize that everyone needs to eat, but there are many jobs available that it is not necessary to be a strike breaker.
    If in fact you have such a good love life to attend to what brings you here on a Saturday night at 9pm? Funny. As far as this strike being the highlight of my life, how can it be anything but? It is right outside my door 24 hours a day, these are people I have known for many years.
    I will leave you with this, as of yesterday Helen is getting evicted from the nursing home, where do you think that is going to leave you and all the other scabs that came to work there? Also anyone who remained inside I would be worried too, as a closed union shop only union members can continue to work.

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