Strike Update Day 128 – (6/26/2008)

Day 128 – Looks like we are back to the same routine today, parking on the sidewalk without penalty. What gives here, one day the NYPD is writing tickets and the next nothing? There was even an officer posted here today and still not a ticket to be found.




Funny how all these people can park on the sidewalk but yet I am the one that still received a ticket for “Parking in a Strike Zone” when there was no posted zone. I fought the ticket and it was upheld so now I am appealing the decision, I had asked the Captain to write a letter stating that there was no strike zone posted at the time and he referred it to one of his officers. I just received a call back today with an answer of “We cannot write a letter for you, continue on fighting it yourself”. Funny how they are no help now but were the reason I received this ticket in the first place. It really appears that this precinct needs to get their act together. It is not just myself complaining, see another in this weeks Riverdale Press (Resident charges police failed to respond).


Today the strike line was visited by the Comptroller of New York City, William C. Thompson, Jr.




He came to give support to the members on the strike line and vowed to do everything in his power to help end this strike. At one point you could see Mr. Thompson marching in the line and chanting right along with all the other members.




I had the pleasure of personally meeting Mr. Thompson and would like to thank him for taking the time out of his busy schedule to come and visit the line.




It is always good to see the renewed spirit of the members when they get a visit from someone from outside the union that comes to show support for their cause.


You can see more photos in the strike gallery towards the end.


Tonight all the members gathered in prayer for their lost members and family, along with some members who are currently sick.


Till tomorrow, STAND STRONG!


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