Strike Update Day 126 – (6/24/2008)

Day 126 – The strike still carries on and the weather is playing nice for the striking members. Again today I saw many children on the line, I guess this will be the case for most of the summer as it is hard to find daycare and even harder when you don’t have benefits.


I don’t have much else to report today as it seems like the nursing home has been cooperating with the police and moving their cars into the parking lot, so I can’t complain about the illegally parked cars, today at least.


I received a complaint via a comment on a post here that I did not approve because it was profanity laced through and through, however the complaint that was stated is that the neighbor is very upset that the fire hydrant is opened 24 hours a day and the Mr. Softee truck now visits our neighborhood. As I stated before the NYFD came and installed the sprinkler cap on the fire hydrant and they opened it up, it is not against the law to have the hydrant open with the cap installed. I don’t see what the big deal is, as for the ice cream truck, don’t they drive through every neighborhood? If it really bothers you then why not ask the driver to turn of the music or park elsewhere?


I was told that there was an accident at the nursing home driveway tonight but I don’t have the specifics as I was not around at the time of the accident. I was told that someone visiting the nursing home was struck by a car and taken to the hospital, that is as much information as I have presently.


I was also told that the medical examiner was at the nursing home last week, the person that told me this thought it was interesting that the M.E., were there as most of the time they are there to investigate suspicious deaths.


Till tomorrow, STAND STRONG!


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2 responses to “Strike Update Day 126 – (6/24/2008)”

  1. Monique

    I wanted to say thank you for keeping us posted. A concerned Ex- social worker of Kingsbridge heights Nursing home.
    I wish all well, keep fighting for what is right.

  2. mike polinski

    yes i want to say thanks to. you good guy phil we all thank you.

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