Strike Update Day 125 – (6/23/2008)

Day 125 – Today was a quiet day as far as news goes, the line is still strong and represented well. No new movement has been made by either side to end this strike. It seems like there are many coals in the fire but nothing really creating a flame yet.


On the street I was pleased to see that the 50th finally came up and issued a ticket to a car parked in the strike safety zone.




The pleasure was short lived because all day cars are still parking where ever they feel without facing penalty.




I saw a shredding truck pulling into the parking lot, wonder what that’s for?




There was an article in the Bronx Press today referencing Andrew Weiner’s testimony about Audrey-Smith Campbell’s death.


You can read the short article here: Weiner honors health care worker; victim of strike


One last thing, I am reminding everyone again that this is a moderated forum and we will not post any comment that is considered derogatory. If you must use curse words, then please don’t bother posting.


Till tomorrow, STAND STRONG!


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