Strike Update Day 121 – (6/19/2008)

Day 121 – The striking members are still on the line standing strong. I have been seeing more and more children on the line lately, the reason is the striking members don’t have child care. When Helen cut the benefits it also included Child Care funds along with many other finds like education, retirement, etc.




The usual cars parking on the street and sidewalk is still happening. There were some comments about this being boring already, I agree! I am bored with reporting this but it seems like the nursing home employees think that it is fine to park where ever they like. I had recently thanked the Captain of the 50th for coming here and making the nursing home move their vehicles behind their property line. It was a short lived thanks as they are still parking however and where ever they like and the police on scene are not doing anything about it.




Here you can see another car parked right in the no parking zone with the “Doctor on Call” paper in the windshield.




Funny thing here is the registration tag has expired and still this car has not received a ticket.




What is up here? If you remember I received a ticket for parking on the street (where I live) because of the strike even though there where no signs posted at that time. I am still fighting that ticket and was told by the Captain that someone in the precinct would look into it but I have not heard back from anyone.


You can see another car flaunting the lawlessness by parking right on the sidewalk, I guess if you have DDS plates you can do whatever you like?!




Lastly today, there were two men from the New York State Workers Compensation Fraud Investigation Unit that came and interviewed many members on the strike line and then allegedly went inside the nursing home to serve a subpoena to Helen, I did not get the full details but according to some reports it is alleged that the nursing home has not paid Workers Compensation premiums for many of its members.




Till tomorrow, STAND STRONG!


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2 responses to “Strike Update Day 121 – (6/19/2008)”

  1. Michael

    [Edited for profanity]

    You never worked at that nursing home, you re so full of ****. If you did it was like for a week when you were a creepy high schooler who used to hang out with all the little kids on the block. I can’t believe how bald you got since then, but you still have no neck and the hunch back.

    and yes of course I remember the Strike of the 80’s. I was speaking of the strike of the 1970’s. Learn to read correctly. And you should clarify that your Mommy and Daddy gave you your house, you did’nt buy it from the Boritzer’s.

    And tell your ********** mom, who hasn’t lived here for years that of course i called the cops, SEVERAL TIMES, everytime I see any type of violation from loitering to strikers atacking people. and I do yell at people with the parking and dog situation. ******* is full of **** because you people NEVER cleaned up this area, NEVER. and if you did you need to keep doing it, not just one time like 30 years ago. Your ****** mom was told to go **** herself back in the 70’s, she needs a reminder.

    and yes it is a problem with open hydrant and Mr. Softee,
    Mr. Softee is not to be in a residential area, playing that jingle over and over,take your scrawny kids to the park if they want icecream, the city and Fire dept will be called to report the hydrant which is never shut off.

    I know for a fact that strikers are parking in driveways illegally because I have to keep telling them to move their ******* cars, and i have to keep calling the police. Im sure the Seargant at the 50 would love to hear what your ******* mom has to say about him. Im going to notfy him about you ******* with that hydrant and the ice cream truck ****. you have some nerve.

    And Finally it goes to show what a lying creep you are, you most certainly had that Jamaican flag up, you took it down.

  2. Mavis foreman


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